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  • Heck man, there's absolutely nothing to forgive! We're all passionate about our team and you guys have the most storied past of anyone. I did a poor job of making my message clearer. I wasn't defending or arguing for what happened - just trying to explain the history of the polls and why it happened. I'm ready to see ND return to elite status in CFB and you're on the verge of being there. Good luck to you this season!
    I was talking about Geordon Porter, I repped you before he publicly committed.
    That's all one could ask for. The chance to play. Just take care of NC State this weekend. That's the only one that matters right now.
    What are talking you about my man? Did we argue recently? I hope not. Thanks for the kind words.
    The spiritual life needs spiritual nourishment. It can't grow if you don't feed it. Even through struggles, it's imperative to maintain a healthy spiritual life. Maybe even more so with struggles.

    And I don't have a ton of set stuff. I switched my default free time activity from Netflix to reading. It took me no time to get through the first book. But I realized that I didn't have anything else, fiction wise. I've got a few books coming in today, which I'll post in the reading thread later. In the meantime I've just been reading some Chesterton mystery short stories.

    Do you like Agatha Christie?
    Thanks. Use that knowledge wisely. Haha
    Thanks bud. Just thought I would chime in a little on this topic. Probably won't make many friends however. LOL
    You don't need a snowmobile to live in any of these states, but it can be some good recreational fun if you have 1. When I lived at my previous home in Maine, I could snowmobile across the lake and take trails to Canada if I chose to. Weather wise, it is really no different than Vt or NH. One big plus is we have the coast, those states don't.
    Don't know if you knew, but your username is also the motto of the University of Arkansas! Just something I stumbled across while I was doing a bit of googling on Arkansas (in an attempt to find their school colors... don't you think they're darker than "cardinal red"?).

    Anyways, thought you might find that interesting. Gameday! Go Irish!
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