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    I have a few theories..... but none of them are very nice. So I shall keep them to myself.
    All good,... Side question, ... You like Bayern right?... Why exactly happened to make you hate freedom anyway??
    As a party, these guys just can't seem to get out of their own way. As a Democrat, that does not bother me all that much, but these elections seem to go on forever, and watching a dumpster fire for a year and a half is exhausting. I'm not a Hillary fan, but she is likely to win the nomination. If it isn't Kasich, I'm not sure there is an alternative for me in the race. I'll hold my nose and vote for Hillary.
    Thanks for the reps, Huntr. To me Kasich is their best candidate, which means that he'll likely be passed over because he's too moderate. I'm starting to follow him a little to learn more about him, because he seems to, on the surface, have a decent message.
    Not yet. It's on my Steam wish list. I've heard it's good. I expect it is with Fargo and Chris A. on it.
    Have you played Wasteland 2? It's very much like Fallout 1 & 2 and it was created by many of the same people that worked on those titles. It came out last year, I've had a lot of fun with it. The combat is identical, and the humor is there too.
    Can't rep you again yet, but I used to be on NMA too. Fallout is one of my favorite franchises all time, if not my favorite overall.
    Nope, never played Planetscape Torment, but I'll take your word that it's good and I'll check it out
    Totally agree. I am going to have a hard time getting worked up over a high school prospect getting wishy washy. Any prospect.
    You're welcome. I do hope the best for every single kid that straps on the pads and helmets...dumbasses included.
    Thanks bro. Occasionally I get one right.
    For once I went with memory and context alone. No Google, Yahoo or Ask. Is that guy's name Tom Kennedy?
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