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  • Thanks, he certainly was very deserving of all the accolades. I'm a little jealous, we haven't had a dominating receiver like Smith since probably Golden Tate and Smith would give him a run for his money I'd think. Go crush some Buckeyes!
    Congrats on Bama's victory and good liuck - as if you need it - for the NC game. Happy New Year to you and yours.
    Thanks for the kind words and the congratulations on the Irish's CFP selection. Stay safe, my friend.
    Sure seems like it's true! Either way it's funny as heck. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well! Should the game go the way we expect, please destroy Clemson or Ohio State for us.
    I agree given our rich history it "should" be expected on paper but this was the first big win in my lifetime; i've been a fan since '00 and they've never pulled this one off. I was giddy beyond belief. Placing phone calls to friends and family, we were all in awe of pulling it out.

    But I hear what you're saying, and it makes perfect sense. Sorry for dropping the neg hammer. Once I Spread the love, I'll get you some rep back. Emotions have been running high all week!

    You're a solid poster and I"ve always appreciated your input. Thanks for the note.
    Yeah man, a ton of buddies of mine used to live that life. Hell, I got friends playing semi-pro hockey living the dream lol. Really glad you guys appreciate our absurdness.
    From your pic and your posts I would have guessed around 55. BTW.....You have a double here at my work.
    Have not, but sounds delicious
    i'm new here and just wanted to say hi to everybody. long time irish fan since high school days in the 80s and long time reader of the board but new member here
    Thanks for the reps bud.
    Believe It or not I spent a some time sobering up with Edward Furlong. He's pretty Chill, Great dude. and his wife was there too.
    They both put there pants on one leg at a time, and that was pretty cool.....
    I’m sick but I’ve never run a fever. I read last night that almost everyone runs one with CV so idk,... I’m well enough tho. Whatever it is I’ll recover
    Thanks for the reps. It's a solid movie. Not Academy type, but very solid.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year bud.
    I have a few friends from down that way and they tease me enough at times to drive me to crazy... Haha.
    Some of the best people I've ever met and they love Bama, so I hope my banter doesn't get too far under the skin...
    Crazy what football does to a man.
    No worries. Lord knows I’ve done the same. If you want to try Pliny the Elder let me know and I’ll ship you a bottle or two. Cheers.
    and I'm just me.... regarding your convo with Irish YJ. I was 1Ndfan for a bit but lost my password and just made a new. Been around since 07-08.
    Thanks for the reps and condolences. LOL @ your convo with TTT. I don't like..err (Hate)Bama but you guys, are the most tolerable thing related.
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