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  • I understand what you are saying. I come to read info about ND football and rarely post these days. Glad to have you back!
    Just saw ya said that you owed me.. Reps? Aww buddy, you'll never owe me anything but mutual love..
    Aye! Wait for the coming weeks as he spreads his wings! Temple was way underrated. At least by me, in terms of team speed. I hope Temple wins out!
    I am a Public Affairs Officer in Maryland. I can keep my eyes open for positions but if you want to be further south, might look in greater Norfolk area. DC, though, has tons of jobs in what may interest you. Good luck dude.
    Nope, moved to ATL in 97 (promotion and got hitched) from Indy. Divorced now, but love the job and like ATL so I stayed. I'll be moving somewhere ocean-side in the next 10 years I'm sure. Where are you going to school at? Busy for several weekends with work and games (going to ND/GT, then ND/Clemson, then UT/UGA, and GT/FSU) but let's hit a pub and take in a game over a couple beers when I get a break in the action. I don't know many Irish fans in the ATL. PM me your email and i'll shoot you my contact info.
    My father was Navy and got soft when he had me lol. I wanted to go the military path and both parents pushed me to college. Probably more my mom's doing and dad just supporting. Always wondered what if. Would have ended up in ODS with my best friend I'm sure. Thanks again!!
    I don't know what that guy's lookin at, but I know a little bastard kid when I see one. haha, thanks for reps!
    True. It's my most favorite place. But the rest of the state is backwards.
    I think psu fans gonna be highly disappointed in franklin. No expectations at Vandy is really, really different from psu. Thanks for reps!
    Ya man I see what you are saying. I was never really that high on Reid. Don't see much of a difference between him and Coleman. I think Coleman is much more explosive. Just doesn't have that 4* by his name. I think Reid is all PSU as well, to many visits there and only 1 to ND.
    I just went through that as well. Same exact scenario. Started school with an infant, worked full time, school at night. Just graduated from the Citadel last year after 4 years. Congrats on all you got so far. Take care of you wife. its hard on them even though they wont say anything.

    I love it here. . Perfect in so many ways. Let me know if you head this way again. Plenty of places to chill and eat and grab a drink.
    Thanks brother. Appreciate the request.
    I hear ya. This argument is so tired and there are some who just aren't going to concede that you can go to Alabama, major in something challenging, study hard, and get a great education. Whatever. I will let them sound dumb and arrogant. Other than picking at magogian I doubt I will contribute to that discussion.
    No worries. The academic argument has just gotten annoying and having it with that moron wouldn't even be productive. That's why I said it.
    We will be heading to Panama City Beach. I have never been there, but I have lived in Destin.

    Sandy Valley Baptist. Do you attend locally?
    We are doing great; gearing up for a vacation in a few weeks. This Wednesday we are having some orphans from Uganda sing at our church. Called Ugandan Thunder. Reminds me of shake down the thunder, bro. You should come watch.
    PS make sure you wish me a win every Saturday from now on, you got some mojo!
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