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  • FTR, I appreciate your posts and opinions on this board. I didn't want to beat a dead-horse on the Moore thread. Don't mean to come off as brash, we can agree to disagree here. I agree that landing a Moore type of prospect will be exactly what this program needs. But I also believe Buchner will pan out and think we are in a great spot with the 2024 QBs. Cheers brother, go Irish!
    TY. Me too. I love watching soccer tactics/exploitations like I do football tactics. I'm still learning a lot and it certainly isnt as rigid as I once thought.
    Thanks for reps. I am right there with you. What does it matter trying to keep yourself safe if there are just as many people out there actively undermining or increasing risk intentionally or by pure apathy.
    About the same really,... it comes and goes and I haven’t kicked whatever I have. Still no fever tho,... thanks for checking bud!
    Thanks for the reps. And your irish is rolling right now. For the record, I think you guys beat Miami easily. I am just not sold on them as a great team right now.
    Oh man, you'll be like a month too late. I know our first game is May 1st, but you have to be registered by a certain date. But more importantly, with our head guy you have to "try-out" so he knows you can play. I have 2 teams you could play for in the lower league as well, probably without even trying out, but again, they start late April/early May as well. Are you going to be in SB at all before then on any day where one of these teams might be practicing? You going to school here or work?
    Everything about that sequence was awesome, from the takeaway to the score. Thanks for reps!
    So do you like hate NYRB?? What's the environment like between the two? How does the city and fans view the two teams? Any ACvInter like subdivisons with class and such??
    I saw the last 20 minutes, so only the last goal... I can't believe I missed most of it, was just playing with the girls and the wife and lost track of time.
    With their talent and resources, USWNT should never look this poor. It's a shame. Thanks for reps.
    Sent a request, if you keep Fb and ie separate just decline it... All good, I'm a goof ball there too...
    Haha, dude I have like fifty pics in that thread,... Lol... I think i have like ten on the first page alone... I'm a loser I know.
    Plus, note that I am a goofball, if I'm ever seeming like a hard ass, I'm being silly,
    Me too man, especially with you, you're like my ie soccer buddy.. Haha, if ever we disagree I hope you don't take it poorly, I always respect your opinions.
    Fun to watch? Wait, I thought you were talking about the Sounders, then you suddenly jump to Omar Gonzalez...
    Both really, I guess I'm a galaxy fan first as I watch all their games and know the team inside and out and have followed them for much longer and they have Mr Dreamboat, the Big O,... but I love the Timbers fan base and story, love to see them do well...
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