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  • I messaged Manny on here. I looked to see if I still had his contact info, but unfortunately I don't. Last PM I had from him was about Davonte Neal back in 2014 lol.
    Challenge accepted. This white boy makes some pretty fire chilli. I'm growing five varieties of peppers in my garden. The two hottest you may recognize are Joe's Chocolate Bhutlah and Ed's Carolina Reapers. Both of which should be around 1.5-2.2+ million SHUs.

    Stay spicy, my friends.
    Nice!! I grew Caribbean peppers one year. This year just Serranos, green Chile and cow horn

    New profile pic is throwing me off
    Yeah, someone spilled the beans on Browner being Bogs last week. The cheese has slid off his cracker while in isolation it seems.
    Don’t mess with the Bluto. His photoshop skills are top notch. Lol. If you ever want any graphics done let me know. Haha.
    Good to hear. Sorta worried about you this week. We're all so focused on this Pangolin Ebola Plague that we forget there are plenty of colds, flu, and other common bugs still attacking us. Keep me posted.
    You and your family OK? I know you said you thought you had COVID-19. Let me know how you're holding up and best wishes to you and your family during all this.
    I can't rep you because I have to spread the love, but take care of yourself and your fam. Keep bothering people about getting tested if you have to.
    you might be seeing more of us pop back over here over time. It is crazy how fast time has gone by. I hope you are doing well and stay healthy
    Had to spread the love, couldn't rep. Obviously we're just funnin' around about our respective franchise QBs.

    Baker setup to have a big season this year.
    Ha, I am aware that you were having fun at my expense.

    As for being somebody's favorite, I can only question their general judgement about all things in life from that point forward.
    I don't look at the Browns fans as stupid. The ownership is another story. Growing up, Browns fans were always looked at as being one of the 3 best fan bases in the NFL. Somehow, in my lifetime, the Browns and Packers have switched places. The Packers were awful for a lot of years until Favre got there. Maybe you guys really are just one great QB away.
    Agreed buddy. I definitely thought they would be better this year. I think if they can hang on to some of the big recruits from Louisiana and win 4ish games next year he may be the guy and they'll keep him. If not marked improvement next year though, it will be time to move on.
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