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  • Was good talking to you. Glad to hear you're on the right side of the grass to use a Holtzism. The board can steal a lot of one's time. Enjoy your “sabbatical”. Stop by every once in awhile your wit is missed.
    Thanks for the rep. Yep, one of these days after we're long gone, these youngsters will be in our place and realize we knew what we were talking about! Old Guys Rule!
    I'll be with a friend, stopping by will call to pick up my ticket on our way to the 10 AM tailgate. The challenge will be eating and drinking enough to justfy the $80 cost of admission! I have your number from our attempt to meet up for the Navy game here in Jax.
    That was sent in response to your rep on 8/15 that stated Who are you calling Bozo? - Sarcastically I assumed. Bozo and Cookie ((Cooky) see Word Game and WGN) were an item on the Bozo the Clown show.
    I actually did hear Fibber McGee And Mollie, The Green Hornet, The Shadow, and other shows on the radio before we got TV at our lake house. But I don't remember much as a wee lad in the early 50's. I recall more from my Army days overseas. Armed Forces Radio replayed most of these shows and that time I laughed at the joke because I understood it rather than just laughing with the studio audience.
    Thanks for the reps. I had to look it up. I remembered the first part but not the second.
    I aim to amuse, my friend! BTW, thanks again for the vbucks! I'll try not to blow it all on bad opening weekend bets.
    Re: You stumped me. I was playing off "Severeid", sever eye, enucleation. BTW, Eric spelled his last name with two "e"s and "a" in the middle, Sevareid.

    Thanks for the reps!
    As long as your face didn't turn Irish green with envy over the Turkey 101 and Maker's Mark I brought, I believe we could have a lively but civil debate. :) Our two schools have been richly blessed by the football gods over the decades. Lots to cheer for and be proud of on both sides.
    Haha... no, you didn't miss anything. I just saw an opportunity for an old man stab and I took it. ;)
    I'm an opportunist...I only point them out when it makes me laugh...your job is safe sir.
    Age, yes, forgetfulness, more like dementia, wisdom, I don't know about . . . One of the few things I know is my kids find humor in my advancing age. The oldest ones are starting to see that it's going to affect them in the not to distant future. At any rate, I've been getting the, "That wind blowing through your hair is cause you are going down hill so fast," shtick for a while. My ten year old came up to me yesterday and said, "Dad, you are getting awfully forgetful!" Hmm, I wonder who put him up to that? Perhaps, those giggling across the room? My reply was to the point, "If any of you had to keep track of half of what I do, people would think you are forgetful, too!" Then I asked who was high maintenance. At least everybody in the room was honest! Young whippersnappers!
    When the sum of the two sides is greater than the square of the bisecting anglo ...
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