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  • Lol at the “grizzled vet” post, my MI brother

    I enjoy being one of the inverses on this site. This is all just a little mind setter for me & my love for the Irish.
    • Go Irish!
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    Some Irish Bloke
    Some Irish Bloke
    Haha, I'm glad you got a kick out of it. The Dante Moore "food" thread has been hilarious to me, took on a life of it's own. I'm glad I'm not the only one around these parts who loves our Great Lakes state but loves the Irish and loathes the Wolverines.

    Go Irish, my friend!
    Don't sweat the neg rep. I 100% get where you were coming from. Your generation hasn't seen ND on top. I'm old. I was a teenager in the 70's when you guys edged us out for 3 NC's and you were the 800 lb gorilla of CFB most of the time. From my old perspective, you're a blueblood who's just emerging from a temporary down cycle like we all do sometimes. :)
    I understand that most of the students weren't born the last time something like this happened. I understand that they were excited and this was a big moment in their life as fans. I still don't like to see fans of programs like ND, Bama or OSU act surprised to win games like this, though. It should be expected by us.
    I don’t get the concern about the TE or WR rooms either man. People mention Austin, Lenzy, Johnson, Keys, and Mayer but forget there’s a whole class that hasn’t even seen the field yet between the vets and the true freshmen. They’re going to be a great unit, and like you said, could better overall. Hoping for a Burrow-esque junior to senior transition, if they get half of that, they’ll run through everyone, including Clemson. Future is damn bright!

    Thinking about heading to Detroit for a hockey game before the end of the season, possibly the last game of the year. Have to grab a beer if I make it up there
    Anytime man, and I agree with you, find an OC that teach, scheme and recruit and the sky is the limit in my opinion
    Agree about CBK being an elite OC away. Need some breaks but with the recruits coming in, if he gets the OC we will be back in the CFP and could possibly win a NC
    Ahh, the interview from the General Team thread! Sorry, I missed the title when I watched the first one, that's why there was confusion.
    Honestly, I’ll be disappointed if they don’t cover the spread. It’s not usually a big deal to me, but word is that the team is pissed and wants to lock things down, If they don’t win by 5+ touchdowns, I will be very worried and drunk come next weekend.

    I’ll have some jameson for you friend!
    lol.... i was funnin' around last night bored watching TV. made a few funny ones that you'll see in the weeks to come. Go Irish!
    You're spot on. Kelly may have gone a little overboard getting after the players on the sidelines in 2010 and 2011, but sometimes a player needs that for motivation. Football isn't a sport to be played calm and reserved, you need a fire under you sometimes and coaches need to provide that motivation to some players. It worked for me, because there was nothing worse than getting chewed out by a coach when you were doing something stupid or not giving it your all. I always came back the next play and corrected the issue.
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