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  • How ya been my dear friend? Hope all is well.

    Planning on hitting up any games this year? If so, let me know. Id love to meet up and slug some cold beverages with ya pre and post game.

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I've loved being part of the group here and you guys have turned me into a Notre Dame fan... or at least made them my 2nd favorite team.
    Thanks for the reps, man. Not saying the kid should be considered for the Heisman, but I can't believe the criticism he is receiving after all he's done here. Not like he's surrounded by proven commodities either. So much pressure to play that position here....and hardly ever appreciated.
    I think I know.... and understand what ya mean. I hope your doing well.
    Thanks for the rep's.
    Thanks for the reps. I just like the idea people can login and see who we are actually recruiting. Others did it when i first got on so its nice to continue it.
    Thanks for the reps. I am on the high reward side with TR as OC. I love seeing former players succeed at their school if they come back as coaches. Go get 'em bud.
    Dude I’d love nothing more than to meet up with you, suck some rum and coke, and watch a game. I’ll be sure to let you know when I can get over for a game. Thanks brother.
    Hey brother. Been drunk since Christmas Eve and finally got back to work. I appreciate the kind words. I will make a more conscious effort to get some fresh material up. Ill admit I'm loving the Koon bashing lately. Comical. Hope all is well my good friend. Have a great New Year and Ill hit ya up soon.
    Thanks for the reps. I'm consistently looking everything up. Maybe get some good ones off the cuff.
    Dude, I see SouthernIndiana’s name with a line through it. He get banned? What the f did I miss? Happy thanksgiving BTW brother. You’re a solid dude and solid friend. Appreciate ya!
    Dude, you're my boy. That dude is insufferable. Calls people out if their opinions don't match his and then cries like a pussy if someone calls him out for it. Glad others are calling him on this and letting him know that he's acting like a friggin child. Not sure why people like this even watch the damn games if all they seek is misery regardless of the outcome of any one game. So now Im off to go ride a dick, which is kind of an odd request. Kind of kinky actually. LOL. Thanks for the backup brother.
    Thanks for the reps man.

    Hope we see a new OC next year. After that, not sure what else there is to do. But I really believe CBK is an elite OC from breaking through. He's at least earned that in the last 3 years I think.
    Thanks for the reps brother! Hope all is well with you and yours. Cheers and Go Irish!!
    Thanks for the reps brother. Sorry about the beer. I owe ya one. I’m neck deep in captain and coke. Lol. Cheers pal
    Thank you for the compliment. Big game tonight. Hope it's an enjoyable time for you and yours. Go Irish!
    Always enjoy your posts and you have a hell of a sense of humor.
    Go Irish 12-0 coming!
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