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  • Hell yeah! Hopefully they get a vaccine out sometime before next season and we all get to party in South Bend.
    Seriously, I remember hearing a lot of good things about Joe Wilkins, Micah Jones has the body to fill in to that possession type WR along with Skowronek, and we have top end stud potential with Austin, Lenzy and Johnson. And I have a lot of high hopes for Keys in the slot. Book is going to have a lot of fun distributing the ball, and hopefully the O becomes more consistent. They've flashed under Long, wait until the unit hits on all cylinders and are enjoying it with a new OC.

    If you make it up here to Little Caesars Arena, let me know. I'll join ya and we'll have a blast, get some grub and drinks for sure.
    Thanks for the reps bud. Can't wait to see the boys back in action in Dublin. going to be another longggggggg offseason. Hopefully we can catch up at a tailgate at some point in 2020 in SB.

    And I lol'd at your TB Lightning reference, they have dominated my lowly Red Wings. How the mighty have fallen. Hopefully Steve Y will restore this franchise in short order. He did a great job in TB.
    Thanks for the reps buddy. Have a great time this weekend and bring us home a W!

    If we don't see Phil J, I start a week long alcoholic binge in preparation for what's to come in Athens. No reason we don't beat UNM by 40 with the twos getting plenty of action.
    You going to the Louisville game? I just saw your post in the game day thread. Louisville is only a 2 1/2 hour drive for me. I might be down to go, just have to make sure the Mrs. isn't working.
    I might get to a game this year, but it's been pretty up in the air. Since my grandparents dropped their season tickets a few years ago we've been getting single game seats. This year my grandma was going through chemo (She's doing better, numbers are coming down) and gramps didn't get back to his university rep to reserve any. I pretty sure I'm still going to go to a game, just not sure which one just yet, I haven't decided. Let me know if you're going to one and I'll see how my schedule looks.
    Lets do a little tailgating at Stanford then! I'll see if we're getting the parking pass. My grandparents gave up their season tickets last year, but they're still getting some individual games for us. I think my uncle and aunt may be at that one too. Probably just snacks and drinks, but there will be beer for sure.
    Yeah, Gramps created a scholarship that he donates to each year on top of his ticket donations, and gave a lot of money to the building of the Science building several years ago (There's a room with the family name on it there). They were trying to shill him for more money on top of the ticket loyalty, man! 20 years in those seats and it came to an end. He just bought single tickets to USC and Georgia and that was it, and I don't blame him. It was a real slap in the face. This wouldn't have happened 5 years ago. His old advocate from the university always treated him well, but that guy retired. The new guy is some young dude that doesn't have a history with the family or knows what he contributes/contributed. It's just been a mess. In any case, glad you got to see an awesome game this time around! Wish I was at that one instead of Georgia =(
    Have fun at the USC game this weekend homie. Wish I could have been there again, we only made it to Georgia this year. Grandparents gave up their season tickets after 20 years in the gold seats. The University was just trying to squeeze the blood from a stone despite the money they've given in the past, it was just silly. Hope you bring home a win!
    You are welcome good sir and thanks for the Reps earlier. If you ever see the Stone RuinTen buy it. It is great.
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