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  • Thanks, brother! I know that not all young people are like that. How's life treating you? I hope all's well with you and your family.
    No problem. A lot of other rumors flying around about Sumlin and his drinking problems too. don't know how it plays out, but it looks bad right now. Then throw in Speedy getting suspended for pot and it seems Sumlin is losing control of his players. Sad situation for those players there that are trying to do right. Feel for them.
    I am resolved to answer his stupid freakin questions with stupid freakin answers. Thanks for reps!
    Don't worry about it :laugh: It wasn't really a big deal, I thought maybe I could keep the voting unbiased. A lot of people were posting pictures and comparisons, so it couldn't really be helped or avoided. I did notice that when some of the pictures disappeared the voting started to sway back towards White/Gold, which was interesting. Thanks for obliging all the same.
    Sure thing. I spent some time in Biloxi. I know you said you were bored so I know the Vicksburg has a lot of Civil War sites Nd history so maybe that can ease your boredom. Nawlins is not too far away from you either.;)
    I didn't mean to make fun of you. It was an inside joke that was blown out of proportion a while ago. It's all good in the hood!
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