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  • I can’t imagine how happy you and fam are right now. Praying the road ahead is a lot less bumpy.
    Thanks bud. I just try to enjoy the moment realizing it will end at some point. I can leave history to others that want to discuss it. Anyways, huge pickup for your Irish today. Glad the young man withstood the pressure and made the better life choice.
    Hey, I understood your post and honestly don't have a problem with it. But I know how serious this board takes it's politics and it only takes a simple joke type comment like yours to completely set a thread on path of utter derailment. Just thought I would try and get ahead of that.
    Thanks for the reps steel. That dude is more passive aggressive than any women I've ever dated.
    Thanks for the reps and kind words. Sorry to go on a rant about it, but the self-righteousness from some on this subject just grates on my nerves.
    Intriguing. Your Bourbon of choice? A little "Tang for Tang?"

    (And I ain't talkin' poon or the drink of astronauts.)
    Thanks for caring enough about our youth to try and make a positive impression on them. Teachers are soooo underpaid for what is expected of them these days.
    Have you made your plans for next weekend? ClashmoreMike and I should be on campus at noon. It's just us two, so we might try to find a tailgate for a bit or maybe just carry a small cooler around campus or go to a bar for a bit. Hope your old man is able to make it!
    Thanks for the reps. Give them hell in Indy!
    Where you been buddy? Just making sure you don't miss out on too much off-season banter ;). Hope all is well!
    So true. I just can't believe my Stone Cold Steve Austin GIF got deleted. That's blasphemous in my book.
    Thanks for the reps, man. McDaniel might not be the quickest, but with that O-Line and his determination, they showed the first spark in the second half to get us turned around.
    thanks for the reps man. you had me all pumped being from Indy too.

    what part of town you from?
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