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  • Yeah, Ronnie was incredible on a guitar back in the 70's. Never quite broke out big, but he put on a great show. Skynyrd at their peak in 75 were a thing to behold too.
    Beating them would be nice but I hope our young guys get the majority of the reps. They are going to need it, especially if we lose some of our fringe players to the draft.
    Normally I would say the Coach O imitations are in poor taste, apparently he finds them funny and sees it as the sincerest form of flattery. Still the ESPN broadcast was rather...ahh...strange? Certainly felt a little unprofessional.
    Appreciate you looking into it for me. I'm out of a touch a little with the SEC and how fans react to certain things. He just never seemed like a good fit personality wise. I was a little shocked that he got hired by any SEC team tbh.
    LOL we'll try. I agree it'll prolly be a very similar outcome scoring wise to last year's game.
    Haverturd needs to take some "class" lessons from you Bama guys. It hurts just typing Bama and class in the same sentence... LOL... In all seriousness, I don't have a problem with TH. He's a turd, but some turds are fun to flush.
    Thanks bud. And thank your mom. Good luck the rest of the way. I think you guys win out and make the playoffs.
    Thanks for the reps for my Mom doing her Red Cross service. She actually went to Tuscaloosa when the tornado ripped through the area in 2011. She came back with a bama blanket then as well. I felt similarly okay about that at that time.. well until the NCG. -Cheers, Andy
    Thanks buddy. We are off today and will see LSU at Death Valley next Sat. Should be a good one. I think you guys go in undefeated and make a strong play to make the title game.
    You too pal. With all the coverage of the shooting I didn’t see if Alabama plays today. If so good luck. You catch some shit on here from time to time but you are an awesome poster and asset to this site. I appreciate ya buddy. Hope to see you in the playoffs. Good luck the rest of the way and thanks for being cool. Much respect. Matt
    Sorry buddy, just saw your message. Appreciate it. That Michigan win was big, now just need to bounce back after being sluggish last week. Think that was all the classic let down stuff. You guys are freaking rolling, man! Keep it going!
    That's not that surprising given his attitude during camp, but Tua is the right guy to be behind center so he'll either have to suck it up and be a team player or by the sounds of it he'll be looking to ply his trade elsewhere. QBs these days seem the most prone to find greener pastures when their football career doesn't go how they plan.
    Thanks, I think you guys got the right QB behind center right now, and that offense is going to be scary good with all that talent.
    I think we have enough pieces to make a run for a playoff spot but we have a lot of question marks. Anywhere between 8-4 and 11-1 is most probable. Time will tell. Good luck to your Tide (not that you need it)

    I'm just super excited for Thursday, ready to see some CFB games again.
    Thank you buddy. i don't know what to think about this season. I think as a team overall this is the best team Kelly has had. But I have battered fan syndrome and expect a 9-3 type season.
    Sound good unless I am out of town would definitely like to meet up. This is a big year for the Toppers to see if they can maintain the momentum that Taggert and Brohm had going.
    You should make a trip back to BG. Campus and downtown have both changed quite a bit, if you ever make it back let me know!
    That's what one of my buddies told me (about the first 20-30 minutes). I'm going to get through it, as I'm a big fan of the period, topic, and actors! Hope you are doing well 3T
    You certainly didn't offend me by stating the obvious. It made me laugh simply because it so perfectly encapsulates the casual chauvinism of a champion.
    Agreed, people have short memories and forget how dominant Bama has been. One good game against a depleted USC and everyone thinks we're the freshest thing since that prince of bel-air.
    Yup, he gone soon. Hot trash! They need to bring in a proven guy. At one point, thought he (Butch) was the one, but the consistency has just never been there. I'm expecting you guys to put up 50 in two weeks. Don't let me down :)
    Meant to wish you good luck (you don't need it) today lol. Can you please phone Saban and tell him not to put half a hundred (or a hundred) on the T(ire Fire Vols). Hope you enjoy buddy.
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