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  • Just want to say you're missed, man. Few posters went as far as you did to let someone know they were appreciated, and you were always generous with those comments. You're one of the best, and we're gonna miss you around here. Until we meet again, my friend, may God hold you in his hand.
    Thanks for the reps. He just drives me crazy with the crap he posts. Try to ignore it but it is very difficult. I still think he is a closet scUM fan bc he always praises Harbaugh and their players.
    Thanks for the positive. I know I sometimes get a bit out of reality but I'll always Irish. It's the flat line I understand.
    point takin. I deserved that Neg rep. I was talking about them being nobodies on the football field as It pertains to the college football playoff race but I still shouldn't have posted It.
    The key injuries hurt but everyone faces them. They had a huge boost from the rookie infielders but they were short on pitching to begin the season and that hasn't changed. The minor league pitching prospects were highly touted but didn't demonstrate that they're ready for the bigs. Cashman has to work some magic.
    Pitching and timely hitting. Not much you can't accomplish with those two things. Love my Sox, I missed the 13' season so I'm happy to see a team that everyone seems to be playing their best season. Still, very much believe the Yankees are the team to beat next year.
    Just one of those years where the stars align. Baseball is so much better when the Yankees and Sox are at the top of their game. You guys just need to go out and get yourself a few pitchers now.
    Thanks. Haha. I have no exscuses except I am apathetic to spellchecking.
    Thanks for the reps. I kniw it was a rhetorical question. But I just wanted to show that I got arrested twice in the summer when I was 18 and then again when 22. I'm a college graduate, have a career and my own family. My point is some people mature later than others. Case and point was myself.
    RE : Well deserved vbuck reward. (There is more where that came from!)
    I'd rep you more recently but can't
    I'd give you more if I could. You're an MVP of IE, brother. Your wisdom and posts are always appreciated.
    Thank you, BGIF. Not much scares me, but this matter does. I really do fear what will happen if this continues to worsen.
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