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  • Whiskey, earlier today GoIrish41 posted something rather innocuous in the Trump thread around post 30,929 and I replied with a small pic of Lucy pulling the ball away from Charlie Brown with no further commentary. A few minutes later both posts were gone. Neither seemed removal worthy at all. Any idea what happened and why?
    I don’t see any deleted posts in the Trump thread today. No idea what happened.
    OK, my bad. I just discovered that despite it being about Trump, it was in the Biden thread. It's there and wasn't deleted. Please forgive the confusion of an old man! :)
    Cheers, man.

    While we disagree on some things, I'm sure you'd find me aces IRL.

    Here's to a fruitful signing day tomorrow.
    Thanks for the reps. Cashore is an incredible photographer. At this time of year, I recall a couple of great Christmas photos.
    Take it as a compliment that I think ND should be above rushing the field. I'm old enough that the 60's and 70's doesn't seem that long ago.
    Thanks for the reps. If you’re ever interested in trying some of the beers from Nor Cal of Oregon let me know. Cheers!
    Good to hear from you. Just haven't had much time to post lately. This virus has taken a toll on us at work. Wish I could spend more time and be a more informative poster. Good luck to your Irish this season... if we even have one.
    Did you ever finish 'Golden Son,' and/or 'Morning Star'?

    Curious what you thought. 'Golden Son,' for being a YA book, sent my brain into a couple of impressive tailspins.
    I had the Seizon Brett the other day for the first time in a while. Not a sour but still a fantastic Saison.
    I should've mentioned in the thread, but if you were drawn to Red Rising because you liked Ender's Game, you will enjoy the opening to Golden Son.

    (I swear I am not on retainer by Pierce Brown for PR purposes)
    I would go with the Peche n Bret (amazing fruit lambic) as well as the Seizoen Bretta if you can find them. Both are top notch. Very dry finish, sour but not overpowering and almost like a champagne mouth feel. Their Deep River Blues is a good fruit lambic. Good luck.
    Kind of random but you asked me long ago if Logsdon’s Belgian style wild wild ales were better than those produced by Russian River. After many months of deliberation and libation the answer is yes. If you ever come across Logsdon Peche n Bret I would recommend giving it a go. It’s hands down my favorite of that style. Hope all is well and stay safe.
    I found a local one. Had a question and was wondering if you did work in the area. All good. Thanks man.
    Thanks for the rep. After wallowing in so much misery, I think they're worn out! lol
    Of course he's easily confused... especially when you take a simple three sentence explanation and go four paragraphs deep with it... lolol
    I know you're a fan of Malazan... have you read anything outside of the main series?

    I tried Ian C. Esselmont's companion series. I liked the first entry, but couldn't get through the next book.

    He's now writing a separate trilogy focusing on Cotillion and Shadowthrone, called 'Path to Ascendancy.'

    He's improved his writing greatly, and has learned that his best style is just a linear narrative. I highly recommend you give 'Dancer's Lament' and 'Deadhouse Landing' a try if you have any time for leisure reading. They are quick and enjoyable, and do a good job of building on the Malazan universe. It's also fun to read about Kellanved and Cotillion before they became what they are in Erikson's main series.

    (The trilogy finale, 'Kellanved's Reach,' drops on April 2.)

    Erikson is also writing a Karsa Orlong trilogy right now. Hype.
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