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    It truly doesn't. Still has that new car smell.
    I wanted a little more space than a positive rep would allow to tell you that I thought your post in the pregnancy thread was very, very thoughtful. Your post and BobD's video hit two of the three reasons I come to this site; the third obviously being our beloved Irish. Cheers and GO IRISH!
    Thanks guy. Just trying to keep things loose.
    Well, I was gonna post, but I saw you had the Raiders situation on lock down. lol Cheers!
    NDinLA warned me about ever getting roped in by that clown... first time I ever let it happen... he can go around with himself all he wants... I've said me peace... hehe
    Thanks man. I am going to leave it at that. I appreciate your level head and asking questions. Its not just the ruling but what will come next inevitably. Its quite clear what is going on. I don't know how anyone can minimize it or defend it.
    I tend to find that is/was his typcial end-game message... I have had him on ignore for some time and find the site much better for it.
    "Can't tell if you caught it or not, but the quote I had was from Big Lebowski." I thought it might be! That is the way I took it. Mine whole quote was in the spirit of Drake Sabitch. (I like writing my own material.)
    I don't bowl. And I don't drive much anymore, either.
    THAT was post of the year stuff right there... one of the few times I was not sorry someone quoted, thus forcing me to read that jaded moron's posts...

    fantastic... I'd rep it five times if I could.

    Seriously, you do need to change your avatar, it distracts me greatly whenever you have a post in a thread I'm reading...who am i kidding, we need MORE avatars like that! LOL
    Hey there!

    I was curious as to what your avatar is from? The reason i ask is becuase a friend of mine who comes on the forum to read but doesnt post thought that your account was in fact me. The reason why he thought this was because I myslef am also an accountant and obviously a huge ND fan. And to put the icing on the cake, my girlfriend is a senior kinesiolgy major at scUM. My friend immediately assumed that you were me. LOL

    Thats why i ask where your avatar is from.


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