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  • Ok, I remember that you meet on a Tuesday group, and so you are serious.

    And you have no earthly, or heavenly, idea, how much I respect that.

    My Christian/Catholic journey has been going on for 75 years, fits starts, starts, fits, twists turns, even dark nights of the soul.

    "for Christ's sake" and i mean that, you can say anything to me, ANY TIME in any forum, about faith, Christ, or even Krishna, Buddha or Allah.

    any time, any place.

    And this is my email


    When all else, remember Christ came for YOU. and when you remember that it will help you realize that the people in your Tuesday group, well, Christ came for them, too.

    may Christ's peace be with you.
    I'm in contact with a Ruthenian Catholic priest who commissions icons with his wife from time to time, he may be wiling to create one for you if you'd like his contact info.
    Totally with you about that store. I hate the whole pretentious hippie-dippie ethos surrounding it.
    It's nice having you on Twitter. I've felt like an interloper, passively watching without much interaction, for so long now that it's a shock to see someone I know getting into the mix.
    thanks man, I just was looking more for a name not "intel" so to speak. Both would great additions but I dont see PJ committing soon. thanks zelezo!
    I keep telling my kids that their mom and I might not make it into heaven if at least one of them doesn't enter religious life.
    ugh, I hope you don't see me as some pretentious foodie who hates anything not from his hometown.........
    I've heard of C&L (only good things), but I don't know anyone who's personally involved with it. Have you attended any meetings yet?
    How did you guess them, I would like to hear in a PM, if you have a second.
    You never have to apologize for quoting a Dominican, let alone the Angelic Doctor. Though apologies might be necessary for post-Vatican II Jesuits.
    I've not devoted myself to any readings this year. I hate to say it but I've been terribly lackluster in faith life. Are you reading anything for Lent?
    Well, sounds like you've been there. If not, enjoy-a fantastic area. Have to love the CC too! Good stuff.
    I read an article by an Orthodox priest arguing that outside of the Bible, the only two books with a reasonable claim to divine inspiration are The Brothers Karamozov and the Divina Commedia. Can't find a link at the moment, but I'll share it once I do.
    Tough loss for your guys but you still got some good depth at the position. Good luck to your Irish this fall.
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