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  • No wonder we seem to lose everytime you attend a game. Work on that ENERGY Bro. Pickin Clemson on a board you frequent doesn't even seem normal. That Is If your an ND fan....
    Thanks for repping my post. I thought a handful of folks would get mad about it, but I've been pleasantly surprised. Good conversation and lots of great input by the whole gang.
    Don't we all. hahaha. Clearly I'm a shameless lefty, but my perspective has definitely been broadened in some instances by some of the more thoughtful posters on political/social issues. I can't think of another place on the internet on which political perspectives are so deeply and thoughtfully (mostly :) ) discussed. IE is a great resource for expanding our understanding of where others are coming from. Again, respect for acknowledging that you were mistaken. Most folks don't do that. Good on ya.
    Classy move, gkIrish. That's why this IE board is great. I have learned much from reading the posts of others -- even those with whom I don't typically agree.
    Hey GK what was said about Fleck not having success at ND I have been a fan of his.
    Ha, I wasn't even getting enough service to do that. Nippert drains my battery like a mofo trying to search for a signal.
    Sorry I never got in touch with you last night brother. My phone died on me about mid-way through the second quarter of that shit show.

    If you venture to another UC game (BYU could end up being a night game in November the day ND plays Navy at 11am), let me know.
    Panegyri used to be a yearly event for my family, but I have not been in a few years. Perhaps I'll drag the wife out for it.
    Thanks for the reps, gk. I didn't mean to be quite so blunt, but much of it seems like much ado about nothing.
    Thanks bud. He will be missed and hopefully gets the recognition he deserves for his contributions to music.
    You are a really great guy; and I not only understand your frustration, but how further frustrating it is when you see how close but how far away we seem to be! Go (all the way) Irish!
    Let's hope Kelly does such a good job that people really take you to task after our Irish are national champs, no matter how low the odds are.
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