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  • Having an opinion other than yours is not trolling . Sorry you disagree but you don’t have attack others. Go Irish!
    Thanks for the rep. We have several grandkids named after their great grandfather. It's a great way to honor someone.
    Hey man it’s almost Signing day!!!! LOL
    I bought a bench seat. I was going to make a frame and use it as a foot stool. Haven't done that yet. It will probably just be hung on a wall.
    LOL. I loved it. Its funny cause its true.
    There's nothing to share, it was just a prediction given by one of the sites last week. FWIW, Irish Illustrated Podcast said that the two likeliest to commit from the group this weekend are Kevin Austin and PJ Mustipher, though that's in the long run. I don't think that anybody is expecting a commitment.
    Hey dude Me2SouthBend is back, just in case you haven't heard yet!
    understood...could be pissed at proff...and still love ND...etc. etc. etc. Didn't think about it much.
    I understand...next time I'm just moving on because I couldn't think why that was in there so I just assumed...made an ass out of me.
    Hey man. Do you have ISD or Scout and want to trade login information for Rivals or 247?
    My problem, when I'm being a smart ass, I usually forget the italics, so most don't realize I'm being sarcastic or they completely think I'm just being a dick to be a dick, lol
    I completely agree, because shit does happen at other schools, it's just either a) swept under the rug or b) just not given a shit about because you know as well as I do, most kids in the $EC aren't there to play school.
    Merry Christmas to you and Jen, too! Hope all is well! Probably won't be around much, for at least a while.
    I just read the comment I made with the reps I sent yesterday. I left out "not". It should have read, "A font was NOT required for our comment." Mea culpa.
    Not sure how to reply to reps. He does know 2 things, jack and shit. I don't post much (should probably change that) but IE has been a good one stop shop for me. Found out about IE during the whole Barnett fiasco. That guy though has zero opinions or comments that are his own. He just regurgitates things he reads or hears from sources he hold in too high of regards
    Thanks for the reps. Hopefully the kid gets it together and ends up somewhere where he can be successful.
    As of now, it sure is a very talented class. If we can win 10+ next year, I feel pretty confident saying, it'll end up that way.
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