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  • Cats... I know, right! I'm a dog dude myself. My mom's cats were feral babies she captured from under her barn. Psycho fur balls always ready to pounce or steal shit....., but they did get along well with mom's dog.
    Thanks again for the reps!
    Means a lot coming from you. Thanks brother. Your public lands stuff actually led me to do a lot more research. Most of my hunting and outdoors stuff has happened on private land so I didn't understand the extent of the issue for a lot of sportsmen. Check out https://keepitpublic.org/
    Sent you reps but message was all screwed up. Meant to say best post in the whole GOT thread. Lol.
    Thanks for the reps bud. I think your Irish can have a great year if the pieces fall in place. Good luck and beat them Ga Dogs for me.
    Yup. I think there are some folks on here that can learn from our banter. Big boy debate in some threads, buds in another. Some posters take shit too personal, to serious, etc.. And I wanted the mods to clearly understand you and I were not taking it to a personal level. I'm really not sure what their "triggers" are anymore lol.
    Hey man. Go chill and rewind. We need you around here. Don't let him drag you into the mire. Dude has some screws loose and all he wants is for us to be down on his f'ed up level.
    Thanks buddy. Hope we have better luck with him than most of the Cali kids we get. Seems boom or bust when we get one from out west. Better things ahead for your Irish too. Pretty excited to see what your new DC is going to do.
    I'm so f'ing numb over this shit show. Heading for a nice cocktail. If you are ever in the ATL around football season, holla. I get tickets to a lot of different SEC and ACC teams. Going to try and hook up with 3T for the UT/Bama game.... See ya in a month. Peace.
    Tried reppin' ya for your 'holier than thou' post, but had to spread it around! Just had to say I totally agree, and great post! Cheers!
    Buchanan...nice! I grew up going to a church there (too little to remember which one). But I also have been to Red Bud MX many a times. Very small world!
    Thanks for the reps and the assit, Wooly. Every time you asked "how many delegates" I cracked up. Classic. I don't know why I even bother with that dude.
    Really, Wooly – did I miss something? I'm not always the sharpest pencil in the cup. Was Urban a QB somewhere at some time? Did I miss an SNL reference? What? WHAT?
    I definitely do not want to use my 401k but if I did, I would repay it to avoid penalties. I'd probably just use savings to finish the project before I went into my 401k but it's something I would have to consider.

    I think the costs of a home equity line are minimal so that's where I'll start. If I'm denied for lack of equity or timing of purchase, I think I'll go with an unsecured line of credit.

    I may have some questions for you going forward. Appreciate the advice!
    He green reps me and leaves passive aggressive comments. How shitty is that? I am guessing no one else gets that treatment.
    Struggling to keep my patience.... Appreciate the support
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