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  • I can assure you that I in no way am in any click. If anything there are a handful of people that I would say I’m close to or as close as you can be on a message board and we like to joke around a lot, often times about non ND stuff or posters that are just plain miserable people (Mercy as an example). I definitely see some on here that will gang up but most times it’s just against some that are unbearable. I have always enjoyed your posts and know that I am one of the good guys, tho most of the time I’m trying to get a laugh. You have an ally here.
    Go Irish 11-0
    Thanks brother. That dude chaps my ass like no other on this board. Appreciate that others feel the same. Go Irish my friend!
    Great way to start the season. I thought you guys could have a great season and Sat didn’t change my mind one bit.
    thanks for the reps! I'm surprised nobody bothered running my Russian comment through Bing translator. :)
    Thanks for the reps.... There's just soooo much that comes to mind with Wiz at a horse park lol
    Thanks for the reps! Yeah, I sorta feel sorry for him going through life with that attitude.
    Ha... just giving out resident Michigan fan some grief. But I do think my Tide would have given them a good ole fashion beatdown. Thanks for the reps and get the Irish back soon!!!
    Thanks for the reps. Was a tough year but although Om always optimistic, I truly believe we will be MUCH improved next year. Assuming McG and Nelson return, we lose barely any high impact starters. Really hoping Wimbush starts next year. I think he's going to be special.
    LoL. Thought the time of would help then work on things they needed to. Kudos to the Irish for getting it done today. Now clean up the mistakes and head on out for the next one. They could get on a little role with some much needed confidence. Thanks for the reps too.
    Really pissing me off that I went the distance on that Vasturia joke and you are the only one to even notice it so far. lol
    Thanks for the prayers. She is fortunately doing great on a new immunotherapy treatment. They developed a vaccine from her tumor. She has been cancer free for 3 years and doing great in school, but each mri is terrifying.
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