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    Thank you. Sincerely. Needless to say all that happened on Obama's watch.
    Thanks for the rep. People are throwing out names for DC but not looking at existing salaries/contracts, etc. Foster has a more attractive salary level. And I don't have a candidate.
    Been meaning to ask, what's your avatar? It looks like a kick-drum beater, but I doubt that's what it is.
    So far, so good. I honestly thought we'd be a little down this season. I'm glad to see ND getting their groove back. Last year had to be tough for you guys to endure. Winning cures all, doesn't it? :)
    Tough loss for you guys but yeah... sad some sell their tickets like that. Oh well... the Irish look like a better team this season and can have a great year if they can fix some of their issues.
    Same for me as well. :). Thanks for the kind words.
    I own so much shit I should start a proctology school. Hah
    Appreciate your patience haha. Yeah that story has almost everything in it that both sides can see. Interesting to say the least.
    Glad I could help. Let me know if you need anything else. As for the ND hat & other stuff, you won't have any problems. Heck, they tolerate Hillary voters, Auburn fans, and those freaks who think Presence is better than Zeppelin II, so being an ND guy is nothing compared to that. ;-)
    There are several nice communities in the HSV area. Depends on how far you're willing to drive. Hartselle is about 35 miles away and has an excellent school system and good community. Madison is about 10-15 miles away and also very nice. There are several nice rural communities just north of HSV. A lot of the people who work in HSV live 10-35 miles away in rural or bedroom communities and the commute isn't bad, as there are good Interstate highways leading into the city. You could have a nice farm and feel like you were in the middle of nowhere, yet still be only a 20 minute drive from work. It's a good area. Nice people, good economy, relatively low crime. If you want to live outside of HSV, go north or west. Immediately south and east you get into some poorer, rougher rural areas, but north & west of the city are nice.
    Depends on where you're talking about in Bama. If Huntsville (or some other N. AL places like Decatur or Madison), then yes. They're nice places, good people, good education systems, very affordable housing, etc. Some of the small towns in N. AL can be very nice too if you can handle small town life. You'd probably really like Huntsville. Wall-to-wall high-tech and full of engineers, and almost all the city is relatively new (Huntsville was just a small town in the 1940's, so almost everything's been built since then). Bama's like any other state: some cool places, some nice cities, some backwoods small towns, and some places to steer clear of. Huntsville is much nicer than most cities its size, but has a few bad neighborhoods, of course. Overall, I'd highly recommend the Huntsville area. Hot & muggy in July & August, but bearable and it has mild winters. It's a good place and you'd probably like it.
    Of course! Thanks for the great responses -- it's a very illuminating and helpful discussion
    Oh, I get when you are screwing around about 110% of the time. Shitbirds need flock together! AmIright? I just don't always let on, because, I am screwing around.
    I will tell you this, I have a friend who escorted representatives of Northern Irish Republicanism around the states, to get an idea of the sentiments of the Irish diaspora in America, and he asked them what they thought, after they'd been around. They told him that the only thing they didn't like was the way blacks were treated. It bothered them greatly, because so many that claimed Irish were involved. They went on to respond to his questioning about what bothered them, "Everybody's got their troubles, why make more?" Little or none of our bigotry over there. But that isn't what black Irish really is, think Pierce Brosnan, or Sean Connery.
    Don't get me started. The issue is still honor. But about the efficiency, I've been saying it all along. Your management style, mine before I retired, are both superior to DJT's in that area. What does that say for all of us? I can't speak for you, but as for myself, I consider myself a putz on the great managers scale!
    But I see your 'intractability' as honor. That's the way you are. But remember PH, bud, these people we are talking about, by in large are not that way! They all have their own agendas. And will ruthlessly eviscerate anything that gets in their way, including their own scruples! [You understand I mean that applies to any of those people, as in a super great majority from either party or any ideology, right?]
    Thanks for the reps - I really need to stay out of that thread, lol. I have avoided it, and other similar threads for years on this site.
    no i dont think you did that. i completely agree with your points of view on hoods/hats on in buildings. we had very very strict rules about that when i played in college and for good reason.

    However, when the topic was how Mike truly felt about ND and someones take on the matter was "he came to class everyday in a hoodie" im not sure it has anything to do with the topic on hand, even if he was wearing the hood. Disrespectful still, absolutely, shows how he feels about ND? not so sure. he could be disrespectful ya know?
    Back at you, phgreek. I always like reading your posts and knowing there's at least one other sane person in the discussion.
    I aleays pictured him as Otter from Animal House.
    You should follow Pimp Bill Clinton on twitter. Hilarious. His weekend with Biden tweets are ridiculous.
    Thanks for the reps, and I understand your frustration. I'm usually just dumbfounded at some of the completely willful ignorance and logical disconnects in that thread.
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