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  • he does look like he might break if tagged by a LB... honestly though i thought you were serious. you're one of the few i trust about recruits/players lol... thought i read something that he's doing well at s&c. wouldn't be shocked if he were heavier than Finke to start the season.
    Too many people on here get butt hurt when someone calls them out whereas you and NDdomer are just going back and forth with some funny comments and it transitions throughout a couple of different player's threads. Been pretty entertaining since it came across in a playful way.
    But you can't have my Bud Lite. Remember that? You are a good dude, (another thing we have in common,) even if you are a young whippersnapper!
    You can make a thread for the NDSean45 videos if you want, yes. Not one about the poster, NDSean44.
    As a Freshman Jarron was lost (physically and mentally) and totally out of place. In his 3rd year he is most definitely starting to show those explosive traits and like you said at times dominant. However, he isn't able to consistently play at that level quite yet. I definitely think he gets there just like I think Brandon will get there but it will take some time.
    Hey I had no problem with your comment about everyone changing their minds but then you made your comment to Piom so I had to point it out. All in fun bro.
    Nothing in particular, just the tone, but you and the NDSean youtubes make me belly laugh.
    I had not seen any posts by you all day then I started to seeing posts by you in several of the threads I was criuising and I lol'd at pretty much all of them. They just made me laugh and I could not rep all of them.
    Hostile? HOSTILE? I'll show you HOSTILE!

    Wait ...


    ... that's enough for now.
    I wish I could click, scroll and instantly call up what you're referencing. Which kid? Who, What, When, Where and Why.

    If I did you wrong I apologize.

    Little help?
    Would rep you for the humor in the 'rumors' thread but I can't.
    Yeah, I think it'll be a good game. I think they have a shot. BTW, nice work with the comma. Dshans would be proud! lol.
    Do you think Bucky has a shot against LSU opening week?
    Haha, no worries bro, I didn't take it that way at all. I feel like we better fill up with some big names regardless of position though. Passing on a kid like Reid and potentially not having 85 schollies filled would be really irritating.
    I really believe that there was a hidden, semi-academic issue to this. PM me if you want my hypothesis.
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