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  • I don't do ERISA work, but I know some good attorneys who do. I can PM you contact info if you need a referral.
    From what I saw there shouldn't be any issues for you to receive or send PMs so long as your boxes are cleared. I did try resetting some profile settings however. If the problem persists beyond the next 24 hours, let me know again and I'll mention it to someone higher up than me.

    EDIT: I tested it. It seems the system is failing to "find" you. Although everything else seems to be functioning correctly. I'll fidget with it some more when I have the time, but I might have to ask someone with more insight about the issue.
    Congrats on your upcoming addition to your family! Not sure what were going to get yet but I'll check those out.
    Thanks Bill! I don't have any of those additional features. I might list at $9,800 based on that info. I could squeeze it to maybe $10K, but I'm hoping to sell and buy a 4x4 before winter. And it's getting cold quickly here in MN :).
    So I purchased a carfax and that tells me retail is $10,600 for my exact car (provided vin). KBB suggests between $9,600 and $11,000.

    I'm listing for $9,500 because I don't want to chase out top dollar and have it drag out. What do you think of my listing price?

    For some reason it won't allow me to PM you. It says your address is not found.

    Vin: KNDJP3A50E7047636
    I figured I just feel like I have to be upfront with everything. I have been getting hit from all angles in that thread.
    Thanks Bill. My guys are slightly favored, but I don't think anyone would be surprised to see it go either way.
    It's indeed fun to poke them a bit and point out how ridiculous and silly they are. Icky's a master at it.
    Appreciate it brother. BTW I absolutely love your avatar. Such an underrated character.
    Thanks for the reps, Bill. Great quote! I love that speech it's from. Probably read it at least 50 times in the past 35 years.
    Will do. I actually have smoothies most mornings.
    That would be great but I'm not holding my breath. Thanks for the reps Bill. I always enjoy your posts.
    Just wanted to follow up on the message you sent me about drill bits, for whatever reason IE wasn't letting my PM go through before.
    Totally agree. Pure genius with a healthy amount of common sense and an ability to cut right to the truth and heart of the matter.
    Thanks, Bill. I genuinely appreciate the kind words and support! I came here as a visitor before our two teams played in the NC game just to hang out temporarily, but ended up growing to love this place and become a lot more involved. Good guys and always informative & entertaining.
    Hey dude. As you expected, the pm didn't go through. I do more commercial banking vs retail banking, but I think I can give some advice.

    I certainly would not use your 401k. Between the penalties and loss of compound interest, it will cost you big time. It's pretty difficult to use rentals as collateral for a line of credit, and when a bank does, it's usually at a much smaller percentage of the equity. Typically around 50% compared to the 75-90% you get with your primary residence. Both are low rate options that work if depending on how much money you need.

    You may want to simply ask the bank for an unsecured line if you don't need a ton of money. I have one with an 8% rate that has no collateral whatsoever. It's like a credit card, just with a better rate.

    I use the equity in my house frequently. Every year it terms out into a new 5 year note.

    I hope that help, but feel free to give me a shout if you have any other questions. Good luck on the multi unit.
    Going to be in town with the wife for a week at the end of the month. Any suggestions for activities other than the typical tourist stuff? We are in our late 40's, don't drink, and try to stay at a good and steady pace when we travel. Staying at the Monoco downtown. I can utilize the subways so inner city travel isn't an issue. Any suggestions from a local would be appreciated. Thanks bud.
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