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  • I shouldn't have even tried to point out the ridiculous post with a quote. I should have just deleted it or edited it like you did lol
    Beau, is there any way you can get my PMs to work? I can't receive messages for some reason and not sure why. I deleted my entire inbox/sent box so I believe it has to be a site issue. Could be wrong. Thanks in advance.
    Thank you, Beau ---- one of the civilized people here. I had things to say, but cannot take the crappy trollers and egotists occupying most threads. WBB is a rare exception. The guys there really care about the girls' team, and either actually know something about what they're talking about, or realize that they don't and are happy to learn. Once in a while a "teenage moron" will show up, but then go back to his self-immersed prancing on the football threads. Also, this year's political crapfest was extremely non-collegial nationwide and IE was right in there in that. Hard to take pleasure contributing or even reading that. I'll probably stick with the WBB thread, and maybe an occasional comment congratulating a recruit or a player, or trying to clear up some science question.
    Ha, I'm around all the time, just not posting as much anymore. I'm not a huge fan of pissing matches. :banghead2
    Thank you so much, Beau! It's been a long, tough journey, but it all worked out. Glad to have her!
    Good stuff... the last three women I saw with twelve teeth all had the same thing in common - out of state license plates. Thanks for the reps... and you guys did right by jj... he just couldn't stick on point.
    I actually used that initial post to develop my prediction as I didn't see some of those numbers holding up.

    Had we not caught the injury bug I wasn't too far off. But we did catch that bug lol.

    Yep, 1 more to cap off an unbelievable year for this program.

    Go Irish!
    Ha-ha I think everyone was drunk and shitty lat night bro!

    No worries here. I was actually glad u posted some stats because most run around here just spewing thought garbage.
    Me2SouthBend, apparently he asked for his account to be deleted. I loved that guy! Hope he does well. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
    Not sure everyone know what is going on here. Haha.
    Thanks! Haha. You know I am right. ;):)lol j/k
    That's kind of how I felt today...South Alabama of all teams was playing like Alabama, despite being pretty evenly matched with me. Couldn't run for crap, and the corners were on me like white on rice. Just an awful game, horrible start to the weekend!
    What is all this NFW people refer to in our dynasty thread? I assume it's something along the lines of "No Fucking Way," but I wanted to be sure lol.
    Haha absolutely. I have no problem with anything said, just don't think we should have that in there in case he or family come around.
    I would have laughed. A rebuttal gif of your own would have been most appropriate.
    Appreciate you not banning me... Even though you tried...

    I rotate on my stance on unlimited reps. I've done it before, but missed seeing the bar go green when I wanted to welcome a new poster. Very satisfying.
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