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  • "I am recharged and ready for a lot of great conversation and some adolescent dick and fart jokes."

    Fuck, that's my only contribution to this site! LOL
    Sorry to hear that but if it was amicable and mutual that is the best you could hope for. I hope to post a bit more but jut getting my feet wet now. Getting back on the bike. I am recharged and ready for a lot of great conversation and some adolescent dick and fart jokes.:)
    Hey dude! I was hoping you were still around. Hope you and your family have been well and safe.
    Shit! I've missed ya man. I wondered about ya, but figured you had things going on.
    It's not all that great this side of town either.

    Sorry to hear your going through that.

    I didn't think I could make it out a few months ago but here I am...

    Hang In there bud.
    Friends and beer sounds great.
    been ok my friend. No complaints. Missed you too brother. How are things going? How are you and your brother doing?
    Sounds good. Not sure if you make it up to any games. Let me know if you need a pair of tickets next year (outside of the Clemson game) and I will hook you up. Have a great New Year as well.
    Thanks for the reps recently. Love... It's hard for some to want these days.
    Will do, man. Hope your Thanksgiving begins and ends with a hot bird on the table. Thanks for the well wishes.
    Thanks, my friend. Just trying to stay off the ledge and keep others from pushing me off. Hope all is well.
    That dude is the one that has been sittin' on a dick lately. He's had something up his butt ever since the Michigan loss. Yeah, it sucked, but he wont' shut up about canning Kelly, playing the entire 2nd string, and blowing everything up. It's like "Yeah, dude, we get it. You don't like what happened. Deal with it, quit being an ass!"
    Ha. Thank you, sir. Just tired of people bitching. It's like they don't remember 1997 through 2010.
    You are a natural at keeping this place light-hearted. Much respect and thanks for the many, many laughs.
    I wish I was responsible for that "ban job"

    Dude is a clown and nothing more than a troll on this board
    I'm around, just lurking sometimes when things are busy lol. I'm here almost every day though.
    I can assure you that I in no way am in any click. If anything there are a handful of people that I would say I’m close to or as close as you can be on a message board and we like to joke around a lot, often times about non ND stuff or posters that are just plain miserable people (Mercy as an example). I definitely see some on here that will gang up but most times it’s just against some that are unbearable. I have always enjoyed your posts and know that I am one of the good guys, tho most of the time I’m trying to get a laugh. You have an ally here.
    11-0 bro.
    me too but I try to stay out of arguments that d not involve me because there is a little click on this board and I have no idea who all is in it. I said something to someone once and got neg repped by a couple guys (only two I ever had) and a month later I turned out to be 100% right but no apologies
    thanks for the reps brother. i got bored watching TV last night and played around with MS paint. did another one too that you'll see in the weeks to come lol
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