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  • Thanks for the reps. Good luck to your Irish this season. I think you can make a run for the playoffs if things fall the right way.
    Since the DRob thread is locked thought I would pass this on to you. He arrived in T Town at 1:00 am last night. Must have walked from Savannah. I still believe ND has a shot at him. Everyone is frustrated with the whole process right now, but it is what it is.
    thanks for the reps - fingers crossed that the 17 class is the one that puts the program over the hump
    Oh I knew you didn't, I just know that it's frustrating to read poorly thought out posts. Besides, in my mind both of my posts were still correct. I thought that Luatua was given priority because the staff already had a tight end with Schultz' skills (pass catching) in the bag, Weishar. Now if Weishar hadn't committed, I think that Schultz would have pounced on the opportunity. However, I might be misremembering everything and it's not so important now until Schultz makes some big plays for the Trees in SB next year.
    OOPS! I'm just a stubborn old fart who refuses to use the "sarcasm font." My rep in the spirit of all the tongue-in-cheek comments being bandied about.
    Thanks bud. You guys just take care of pesky Pitt. As ACamp says... they usually suck 364 days a year.
    I think you guys are safe with Tommy K. Huge get with Kareem. He could be a huge piece of your DL in a year or two.
    Thanks for the reps dude. It's really just mind boggling that we haven't seen someone else in there, even if it's only for a series or two.
    LOL on the paying attention. I don't know if this board could sustain an ugly win. The naysayers will have Clemson winning by 30. But alas... the Irish roll early and often in this one.
    Hang in there man. Better days ahead. When ND finally gets that injury monkey off their back, you guys will be fine. But geez... it does test one's faith at times.
    Big loss for you guys but hang in there. Gotta have the next guy step up. But man, I was expecting JJ to ball out this year. Let's hope this isn't a repeat of last season for the Irish. Time for that injury bug to disappear.
    Yes, you compared the "leadership" of this team to the 2012 team, thats exactly what your entire post was about.

    Even as simple as that sounds, blows me away. They led us to a NCG game and this team has led us to 7 practices. Lets let them do it before we take Manti's crown and hand it to them.

    The fact that you believe my post elicits this response is beyond me and very telling. Nobody insulted you directly, I said its unrealistic.

    You don't get the insult? What happens when you make good, rational point and someone twists it into something else so they can scold everyone to look smart? Dude your behavior is textbook boundary issue material! Please stop!
    Cheers buddy!!! Yeah, I love the recruiting scoop 247 has espicially Steve and Tom is getting much better however some of those guys that post over there are ridiculous. I swear you say one thing bad about ND football or recruiting and they go nuts. I couldnt agree more with you about BVG, hope he shows some improvement this year as the talent is there for this defense to be pretty good.
    Hey Bro,

    Are you lucci23 on 247??? If so couldnt agree more with your assesment on the D, some of those guys over there are dilusional
    That gif was bumped from over a year ago haha. Still another couple months before my ban is over :(
    Ha! Yeah, well, I've BEEN that guy... twice. Absolutely embarrassing beyond belief and not a thing you can say to make it better. Have a great Easter yourself, bro.
    Thank you very much! I started to reply to you with, "My wife isn't pregnant in that pic. Thanks for calling her fat!" LOL! Seriously though, much appreciated, my friend.
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