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  • Haha, at least you can find it entertaining. Some men can't laugh at the madness and it drives them insane as well.
    Ha, not specifically him, but more the general mindset and point-of-view... also, the stream-of-consciousness threads, one after another, perturbed me.
    I have the Live from Paris album... it's hilarious how many times he leaves the stage to end "Try a Little Tenderness" only to be brought back on and just keep going...
    Right? I've said in the past nothing good comes of that Trump thread. I participate very rarely, mostly because I don't see the point. I acknowledge that I'm right of center, but I'm no extremist. I'd like to think I'm fairly reasonable. There is so much craziness that is spread from all sides in there, I feel like we get a bit desensitized to the drama.
    Thanks for the reps. Some real solid discussions can be had here. Some dudes make me question their personal/ social lives.
    Thanks for the reps. Rollie Fingers was the first thing I thought of for the misspelled post, Rollaids, maybe it was the double "l". Rollie won the Rolaids Fireman award 4 times.
    Maybe so. Maybe not. Its difficult when I am only commenting on those being investigated. The moment anyone else enters the picture I will be all over it. It probably looks like that because no one else outside of the admin is known to be investigated.
    Thanks for the reps...Work and kids take up my time, so I'm lazy doing anything else...which means I'm kooned.
    You're right about koon. LoL
    Your Irish is looking good this year. And I think you beat Miami easily. Just not sold on them just yet.
    Mom is still cray cray, which means she's doing well lol! What type of business is the son starting in Jacksonville? We're all getting old brother.
    I think you're right about that. I could toss in a couple of other people who'd still complain too.
    LoL... I took it down shortly after posting it as it didn't see any value to the conversation. Was pretty funny however. Thanks for the reps and good luck this upcoming year.
    Amen, on the Pence comment. Hilarious! I don't know how to rep, but if you tell me, it will happen! Have a great day!
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