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  • I'll know this week if the RetroPie cloning is successful. I have a prototype working with everything from Atari to N64/PSX/Dreamcast. 100+ PSX games, 50ish N64, 15 Dreamcast, and hundreds or thousands of the older systems. I had all the parts to make the extras as Christmas gifts, unfortunately when I went to clone the micro SD card over for the other systems the extra cards I got on Amazon were off brand and kept corrupting during the process. Had to reorder name brand stuff, should be delivered in a few days. Fingers crossed!
    I meant to send you a Gift on here for your profile, but instead it was the Bee icon. I'm sorry! Merry Christmas all the same.
    Again. All good. I am just big at nipping things in the bud real quick...especially when we already have a politics forum that I try to stay far from. lol
    Hey brother, feel free to jump back in anytime. I don't like, or dislike doing them lol. I do like having one there though. I'm just happy to have the SEC back. This year was sucking the first 3 weeks aside from the ND games without the other P5s.
    I can dig it. I really liked Keys coming out of HS and it seems like now is his time. He's one reason that I haven't had much concerns about the WR's coming into this year or with the injuries. Always thought he'd eventually be a big part of this offense. I also like the comparison to Ginyard who was insanely productive at UC.
    I can't rep ya so this will have to do. You got me hype this morning reading your posts, I love it! MOAR football
    Thanks for the recommendation! Esselmont's writing style initially put me off, so I never really got into any of his stuff. Glad to hear he's improved. I'll keep an eye out for Dancer's Lament and Deadhouse Landing.
    Just to be CERTAIN... I'm just being a brat, you're one of my fav posters and I THINK you're among the sites favs in general...
    We good. I am having fun. RDU not so much lol.
    haha. I wasnt calling you out but supporting your POV.
    Mike Frank actually dropped next week, or the week after. Seriously!
    LOL... just having some fun with our fair weather UM fan. Thanks for the reps. And oh... wish UC would have gotten Brohm. Great young coach IMO.
    Omg yes actually. There is a place downtown called Sophia's that has excellent gyros. The Greek festival is this weekend. You should check it out!
    Good stuff. Thanks for the reps. Hopefully the school has began to fix their issues. Sad for the victims.
    In my experience Netflix is quite a network hog, much more so than online gaming for sure. That's a lot of streaming video there. Hopefully you should be fine now though. I run roughly a 20 mbs connection through my standard Time Warner service and I can typically stream video and play online but I don't do it very often. I guess a good question would be what was her viewing like on the 5mbs service? Did she ever get issues with buffering or slow downs?
    Something you may wanna do is run a quick test on before you change ISPs, then run it again after the new connection is hooked up and see how it really compares. It's always nice to see if the company is delivering what you're paying for, even if they're unable to provide a certain speed at all times during the day.
    Let me know if that answers the question.
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