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  • Typing on my phone and typed "goof" when I meant "good". Please don't take it the wrong way. It was a good post. We see the world through different prisms, but I always enjoy your thoughtful posts. .... even though you are almost always wrong. :)
    Actually it was pointed out to me that Wood and Utopo incident was off campus as well. But, of course no gun was involved. Only time will tell what the course of punishment is for the other four players.
    No secret service here! But I would love to take you up on the balance some time in a non election year!
    And I thought being a Bama man was my best quality! :)) Thanks for the reps & kind words, my friend!
    Yes, I agree, and now I completely get what you meant. Apologies for misunderstanding.
    Good deal! I'm semi-retired from a whole lot of things. It's comforting to know that the torch is still lit and passed to an understanding and competent imp.
    I completely agree! I never thought my parents spanking me was abusive. It simply taught me to act better and be a civilized person instead of a wild heathen. My philosophy is that our #1 job as a parent is to help our children become good adults. That includes teaching them to deal with confrontation, overcome adversity, be respectful, learn how to work hard, be responsible for their own behavior, think for themselves, understand that everything they do has consequences - good or bad, and teaching them to win AND lose gracefully. Treating them as porcelain dolls, as you say, robs them of much of that and doesn't prepare them for life. I'm afraid we're now seeing a generation of kids who are totally unprepared for the sometimes harsh realities of life and are little more than spoiled, self-obsessed, neurotic weaklings.
    All you have to do is picture a stick of butter, and an overweight forty year old virgin.
    You DID neg rep me! LOL! I've accidentally done that a couple of times too. Really enjoy your posts and thanks for the rep anyway!
    Thanks for the kind words! We may be on totally opposite sides of the political spectrum, but we do appear to have very similar values, sense of right & wrong, and what works and is fair. I really liked your post about what your reaction would be if protesters tried to prevent someone you wanted to hear from speaking. That's absolutely wrong, regardless of which side is doing it. Great post and I always like your comments, my friend.
    Thanks for the reps & kind words, my friend! I thought your post was absolutely 100% correct.
    pretty close...that last score was garbage time...Bama was 12 points better. CONGRATS!
    I hope you're right. Bama by 12 seems about right to me too, but I just don't know enough about Clemson to know if they're for real or not. I guess we'll know in a few hours.
    I'll pass the message along to Nick, Derrick and A'Shawn! I thought we were done after the Ole Miss loss, but my boys have definitely responded well since. I just hope they show up with the same attitude against Clemson that they had against MSU.
    Nice to hear from an old friend!~ How you been? Makes me feel good that someone with some intelligence thinks that he is a potential breakout as well!
    I meant to rep you and did something wrong. Blame it on my fat thumbs and small keyboard on my phone. Really sorry dude.
    The greatest explanation to a rep I have ever gotten. I really got a kick out of that, still smiling. Thank you!
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