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    I apologize, what did I ask for? its early and I don't remember.
    Zactly, (to the last point you made to me.)
    Thanks Brah... I'm sick of reading all of the folks giving us the "I have a business background...You don't have a clue" comments. While I work in the Special Education arena is schools, I've got brains enough to see through bullcrap. Appreciate the kind words. :) Go Irish!!!
    "who is this man who claims to be bogs...thanks for the reps...yours is a welcome voice!"

    Dictionary: bog•trot•ter (bôg'trŏt'ər, bŏg'-)
    1. A person who lives in or frequents bogs.
    2. Offensive Slang. Used as a disparaging term for a person of Irish birth or descent.
    3. One who lives in a boggy country; -- applied in derision to the lowest class of Irish.
    4. "Tory" was at this time the name for a native Irish outlaw or "bogtrotter," and in fastening it
    on the loyalist adherents of James's cause

    Tá fáilte romhat! Go maire tú! Toisc go bhfuil mise.
    Thanks for the Reps, I saw the passage and had to post it. I thought it was powerful.
    Not problem on the reps. I guess I better get used to spreading my wealth around....LOL

    And you're on my team. Anytime.
    You know, it's funny that none of the Liberals on this board have made any comments praising Obamacare in our little conversation. Apparently, they don't have much to say when confronted with the fact that Obamacare will ruin this country.
    You telling me political lies are strictly the domain of republicans...Look DC is basically the SEC, and you are telling me Saban is an angel, an Urbie was the devil... What does this mean?
    Should you make it to Minneapolis, I'll make it easy on your wallet. A Jucy Lucy (burger) and a shared half serving of fries at Matt's Bar with a beer is all I ask.
    Truce! "Snuck" is now (grudgingly) accepted as an INFORMAL past and past participle of "sneak." In grade school, were I foolish enough to use "snuck," a Nun would have swiftly rapped my knuckles with the wooden ruler that seemed to be a required accessory for their habits. [Yes, I'm that old. Nuns were required to wear the habits of their particular order. That rule changed after I graduated from high school.
    I use the "swype" feature for texting and it is the culprit to some very infamous text's to the significant other.
    I don't know if you pissed someone off this time, I think your post was in the mix of the Naptown/TP debacle. But usually if it says N/A then someone was upset with it. I usually try and include a message with the rep but it doesn't allow me to from my phone.
    Hey, I repped you for a post in the Fall Camp thread that was later deleted. Can't remember what it said now of course.
    There are just a few guys and ACamp was buddies with them. He and I do really well. So my frustration was at a record high. How do I get my point across. You were the only one with a brain, heart, and soul, that I could disagree with, again, sorry.
    Pax vobiscum! I was just going to write you a private message, but then your mailbox was full. Then I saw you responded to my unfair attack. I wanted to reach out because I really didn't want to cause too much of an upset, but I have had it with three posters on the site lately. I know a couple of others that I admire have too. Sorry to push you into the middle, but I had faith that you would push back and not hit below the belt. I know that I am extremely unorthodox sometimes but thanks for your help and I hope we remain strong internet friends for years to come. Slán leat!
    Shoot. Now I'll have to go back and re-read a bunch of drivel (mine included) in the name of research just to find out what the hell we're talking about. From the "sound" of it I probably should have shrink wrapped my keyboard after those two beers and three glasses of wine.
    "thanks for the reps my are always too kind to an arrogant jacka$$..." like looking in the mirror!
    Possibly. It's more likely that it makes you a Basset Hound, though. Your call ...
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