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  • I was thinking the same thing. Where people thought the site would be boring without him, I was loving it. Thought it was great. You still had people having fun and screwing around, but not to the point of every single thread being hijacked by a stupid joke better suited for 5th graders or a foolish argument. I swear, if I read another post from him starting with, "Well, even though I haven't seen that guy play, here's my thoughts on him..." I'm going to lose it lol.
    Smart move. One post of his said he wasn't able to post much but that he'd be back in the evening posting. He then proceeded to post 8 more times smh within the next 30-45 mins
    I know lol. The 'body' jokes, you know, the ones that were old and tired 2 years ago, are already back in full force. Yay.
    Not even joking, off your one pic, compare to my wife on page 1 they look quite alike... Both hotties obviously.
    Thanks. That fuckin guy.......I swear.....
    I understand you're upset but I have three things to say. One Koon didn't admit to trolling so you're wrong on that. Second, if you think it's disrespectful to say that a kid is "a boring commit," then what is it to leave profanity littered attacks on another poster in a commits thread? Last, if you truly believe Koon is a troll then you must not understand the internet works very well. Trolls want to get people angry and derail convo. You just fell into that beautifully.

    Edit: Looking back I realize you only said you were going to beat his ass. I mistook the all caps for profanity. Apologies.
    I was wondering about the dryness. I've been thinking about smoking some venison, but that would need wrapped in bacon and injected to stay moist. It's always awesome eating the foods you shoot.

    And yeah... fuck that. 90 degrees in the stand? No thanks. Luckily it's only been above 90 once so far this year. That would be miserable.
    yeah it was super awkward. The first time I watched it I thought it skipped so I started it over. Had to be some sort of editing error.
    No problem. Be good to yourself.
    Much appreciated. I've been to the Rosemont several times but for other shows. Just let me know what you find out!
    Sorry about the white trash dumbass comment......I was having fun with ya!!!! Happy Thanksgiving day!!!!!
    thanks for the reps FLDomer. No matter what side anyone is on, this was just an American tragedy. The suggestion that there isn't (or even shouldn't be) is not a resonable position and I was just trying to point that out. This thread (and all other threads for that matter) when people aren't attacking one another because they disagree. It's a discussion board. It would be pretty dull if we all agreed. :)
    thanks for the reps bud. Enjoy a good discussion and being disrespectful to people would just derail the topic. If we all agreed, this would be a pretty dull message board. Go Irish!
    Okay, where the eff do you live in Florida? I guess when I heal up, I will have to ride my bike down! Thanks for accepting my apology so graciously, I assure you, I never actually meant to call you a name!
    Sorry, I wasn't trying to distinguish the jury from you, but from GZ! I worded it poorly. The point is, I am usually more direct when I am taking a shot at someone. And if there were a list you would not be on it, an old Hillsdale Charger born on my fathers Birthday? C'mon!
    I am on fire today. That's good stuff.
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