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  • My fat thumbs .... Sent you a rep from my phone and bumped the net rep button by accident. Sorry, man.
    Thanks. Trying to keep the Peace.
    The hemlock was NOT directed at you but the twits that fail to grasp Johnson was arrested and charged by the DA, kicked off his choice, that decision was backed up by the FSU President, Florida sports writers as well has SI and others have commented on the appropriate action AND Johnson has apologized for his behavior and enrolled in substance abuse and battered women counseling. I understood your Socratic reference and play off it with the hemlock. Thanks for the reps.
    Thanks guy. It's been a rough summer so far for us here.
    Crazy argument and he compares it to church? I don't even... Thanks for the reps!
    Duke basketball... yes. They actually are very biased. But it is comical watching most of them say jack about CFB teams in general. always I appreciate the fact-driven non-emoting approach. You are great to disagree with...and better to agree with because all the homework is thoughtfully done... :)!
    I'll even add to your side of the argument revenge (as you've said), Martyrdome, economics. Here is my point...I am not sure of the deterrent well, rather we should be bigger than this as a society or not, there is a sense of justice in its "ballanced" nuance in society as a whole...people not directly involved/impacted tend to see "fair" or "ballance" when a killer is killed. I believe that sense of ballance is of equal import to the operation of the justice system. JMHO based on my anecdotal experience.
    I might still chime in after the (explosive) dust settles, but it would be a tough row to hoe. I slogged through both threads "real time." Revisiting and dissecting the idiotic, fractured and dissonant "logic" that cropped up might cause my normal, borderline low blood pressure to skyrocket into the red zone.
    Hope you didn't think I was attacking you in that Rep post I sent earlier. I was agreeing with your comment to buster, not suggesting that you were one of those who revert to namecalling and the like. Just wanted to be clear. lol
    yeah...I saw you too and laughed...was going to send one to you too...:) AS always you are just on it faster than I...
    its hard, but I got baited too many times in previous debates...still got too many holes in my lip from the presidential election..:)
    thanks for the reps...I already threw in my two cents on the debate...may as well poke some fun
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