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  • Thanks...seriously...appreciate it when people point to stuff they think is off...makes for a better long term discussion...
    I edited my post to put my questions in white so they only see if they quote me. I'll do the same with my previous post above it when I get to a desktop. I'd hate to ruin anything, even if you scan past. That happened to me with Stephen King's Dark Tower series; I was scanning for a general question one day and my eye caught one sentence that ruined it all haha.
    I tend to think ppl act like "Redskins" is a more issue complicated than it really is. It's a slur. Stop using it. Period.
    Haha thanks for the reps. I was giggling the entire time I was typing it, as any "aristocrat" would do.
    Yeah... if it's true. Maybe Lane was stumping for the job then. Still, I think Nuss is a really good OC. If the Irish passed on him, I gotta question that one.
    Thanks bro. I have read that thread like 20 times. LOL.
    LOL. I'm just trying to inject some funny into an otherwise sad thread.
    Yup... things that kills me is do people learn nothing from past high profile cases, OJ, Duke Lacrosse, Rodney King...? whatever...
    That's only the third Irish Huddle I have listened to, the first two being previews of the 2014 recruiting class. If u got 20 mins I guess they are worth it
    Yeah I've dealt with the same problem. Sometimes have to go during non-peak hours to get right in. Totally worth the drop by though. Love that stuff!
    For real - Floyds is legit right? Love that stuff. How did you like the brewpub? Been there once and it was great.
    Thanks for the reps brotha! Why not look at things with light shining on it? I get to talk about ND football with great people and fans like you! When we win number 12, it will all be worth it!
    Thanks for the reps bro. Glad to hear someone understood my humor with that one. F SC!
    Thanks for the reps. I just try to help out with this stuff whenever possible. It can get pretty confusing and I know we all want to know everything about each recruit and player haha. I can be IE's own Stephania Bell... only a dude...
    No problem bro. There was a lot of non factual statements being made about our punt return philosphy so I thought we should actually look at it in detail.
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