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  • HAHA.. I get a kick out of back handing him knowing he'll drop long some long-winded response expecting me to read it... petty? yesir... do I care? nosir... am I above it?... ;)
    He's just doing a solo tour. The whole band toured in 2012. Mark Tremonti formed Altar Bridge several years ago without SCOTT STAPP but to my knowledge that's it. But Altar Bridge is gone now that STAPP is back.
    BTW, I'm going with a bunch of ND buddies to see SCOTT STAPP at the House of Blues in Chicago next month.
    You had not told me that story before. But it's pretty rad.

    Oh and don't ever compare CREED to shitty ass Nickelback. They're garbage!
    There are 2 types of people in the world:
    1) CREED fans
    2) Closet CREED fans

    You clearly fall into the latter category.
    You were at 3999 posts at the time. You've since blown past the 4000 mark likely with your athleticism.
    I unblocked him just so i could complete the search... lol... he's back where he belongs now though.
    That was one of the funniest posts I've ever seen. You just needed to include Keyshawn Johnson, haha. Couldn't rep you so this will have to suffice.
    You're doing work. Keep on keepin on.
    Yeah I grew up kind of liking the Celtics and Bruins... now??? that whole sports town can go to hell in a flaming basket...

    I have personally had about a dozen or so experinces with fan bases that are honestly revolting... prob. ten of them are with sawx fans... and I have had many experiences with Philly and New york fans... not nearly as bad.

    tOSU and Bama seem to be of the same breed.
    Red Sox... never seen a group of people so intent on runing everyone else's experience...
    Hey, appreciate the rep on the ND ticket post. And thanks for the comment! Glad you liked it.
    I was initially confuzzled by your response. I had no idea that people had compared coach Mike to a horse or that he had a perpetual tan. I was just (humorously???) bitching about the misspelling of the family name! It's a shame that so many take my elbow pokes so damn seriously. In general, that is. Not this time ... I hope. At least a few had some fun with it.
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