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  • Thanks, bud. I can understand the issue and feel the dilemma. Just keep on, keeping on. You are smarter than I, and I know you'll carry on.
    Thanks for the reps. I know what you mean (history wise). He's poked at me before lol. I do think though, while he doesn't care for Koon, he was just trying to be witty playing off the movie. I don't think he'd purposefully try to diminish suicide to smack Koon around. I think it's just a case of generational levels of sensitivity. I'm a huge fan of the movie, older (not OMM old), and have been impacted by suicide. I just didn't take his post like that. And I'm a sensitive dude lol.
    Do ya need to be right or do ya feel the need to negate our Irish? Or are you a troll?
    Lol. Don't take it personal, that's his thing. I was just giving you Michigan. And agree, we got two 3/4 star SS's. We need a FS and better DL recruiting. It's a good class but far from elite.
    Just drives me nuts when I roll past Smiley Court Housing Project here in Montgomery, Ala and seeing all those young kids who don't have much chance to make it due to irresponsible parents. My heart breaks for them.
    Let's meet up for a drink on Oct. 4th. We'll be in section 17 BTW.
    Took you long enough to notice- ha! I went way more subtle this time around...and avoided Scott Stapp altogether.
    Good to see a fellow "Brah", Brah.... ;) I've been away quite a while, but figured I'd give this bitch another try. ;) Laying low right now, but I've always been lurking. ;) I guess I missed some of you goofs too. Go Irish!!! :)
    I was genuinely asking there. I have no idea if he's trolling or just really bad at reading and really blinded by homerism. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Good luck this week. I know I need some favorable essay questions from Maryland or I'm sunk.
    Nah I'm sure you prepared your ass off to the point of hating your life already. That should be enough. Just focus on the beers afterwards.
    I'm messing with you. I just wanted to make sure you saw it lol.
    Someone posted something entertaining and then deleted their own post, da, da, da. I didn't know that you could even delete your own post, let alone moi, missing the entertainment value several posters commented on! LOL <---- There, I did it!
    What are you guys talking about?
    What's he doing now? Solo stuff? Didn't the guitarist (his name just slipped my mind) join some band with Slash or Scott Weiland or something? Or am I making stuff up?
    Long story (hang with me), I know a guy whose twin brother and another buddy went to UF, played around a bit in the music scene, then both decided they wanted to get into the business side of it instead. They had some local friends who had bands and decided they'd manage them-- 2 bands. Well my friend's twin took the band they were friends with called Sister Hazel, who got kinda big for a minute. The other guy, he took the other friend-band- Creed...who got huge. I can't remember if it was my buddy's brother or the other guy, but he was actually in one of those 2 bands before they became the members that made it big. Actually, Creed's first album or 2 were pretty good. It took me a little while to warm up to them. Now though, the whole Scott Stapp-Kid Rock porn video I told you about makes me crack up-- I can't think of them and laugh...and also liken them to Nickleback, with the way the evolved after those first couple albums.
    The show was at the Rosemont, I think. I will email my aunt and see if I can get the jewelers name. Good luck and congrats!
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