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    I would nominate you except you joined in early '11.
    And the comment- You serious, Bogs? As always! Joe has one son, looks a lot like the photo only wider, who is the year between my oldest daughters, so he is a senior. I have observed and listened to Joe for a lot of years. You know how you can always think of the one person who can be counted on to be a flippin' idiot? That's Joe. If Obama had taken a right at the light before he turned left, he would have been at my house. I think his staff scouted a neighborhood that looked blue collar, and impoverished, (JW or Sammy, as we like to call him) and his brother had houses that brought that whole neighborhood down!
    I went back looking for the post that I repped you on, and low and behold its gone. I guess a bunch of posts got deleted. I believe it was the nice big version of your avatar. Kind of frustrating when a repped post gets deleted. Anyway, I got a laugh out of it.
    Thanks guy. I have my moments. As you do as well! Cheers.
    I have been well also. PM me if you would like to talk about monumentous decision making. The logic goes like this. Picture that person at their worst. Absolute. Now they are sitting, or probably standing across the table from you, and you are both much older. If that still has appeal, you are on the right track! Good luck and feel my prayers for your success!
    What I didn't mention (didn't want till the drama) was that a draft lottery number of 35 was a major motivation to get my *** in gear, swallow a bit of my stubborn pride and work (for a while) for the grade as well as the knowledge. I didn't see slogging through a rice paddy in Viet Nam as my ideal future.
    You are welcome. What fart conversation was that? And yes I did!!!!
    Thanks for the reps! I'm glad someone understood what I was getting at. During that time, I was refreshing twitter #traitor. Definitely a lot of hate for Rossi.
    Never mind. Beryirish repped me for the same thing so I can assume it was "Network" an Academy Award film, with an Academy Award performance from back in my day, pretty good, huh? Peter Finch if I remember correctly.
    What from? It was deleted by the editor in chief. Refresh my memory, si vous plais.
    No such luck. Hoping that after Schaub's big game the trade will look a little better. Big ups to Neil Rackers for helping me secure victory...

    How did you make out this past week?
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