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  • Thanks for the rep. It helps I spend about $8K a month with them. lol
    All these years, this will be my first Irish bowl game. I'm pumped.
    thanks for the reps crusader!
    Can't rep you again, but I just wanted to say I liked the answer. Wanted to see some creative responses and you definitely delivered.
    You have anything on a kid Messiah Swinson from Long Island Lutheran? He's a 2018 TE. Had lunch with a guy real close to Ruckert today. He says ND is in conversation with him still, but thinks it's OSU or Bama. But he was saying this kid is a freak athlete and decided he loves football and not basketball, which Lutheran is known for. He said this kid is going to run in the 4.6's and has the body to be 270 easy. Just curious if you've heard of him.
    The old hoglegfigures from the 70s? If you ever want to get rid of them I'll take them off your hands... tho you can sell them on eBay and such for decent money....
    Hey, you're gonna scare Justin Brent off! Lets see if we can get an answer to the first two questions first lol
    Hey dude. I have 247 but I'm going to get another subscription. I'm thinking ISD. What would you get or recommend?
    Hey man. Do you have a Hudl account you could add me to?
    Hey bro. Rough season...Could you make a 2017 projected depth chart thread? I love having this discussion
    I edited your post in GK's thread so that it would follow the guidelines.

    Your post was copied and placed in the other thread in it's entirety so that your discussion points can take place there.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up!
    Hey man. Thanks again for running this site. I'd say I spend an hour a day on here. Was wondering what you think the odds are for us to land any of these players or if you have heard anything. I'll keep it between us. Daley, Paschal, Echols, Foster....or anybody else that I may be interested in??? I'm sure you're a busy dude so no pressure.
    Also, the bar I was looking at was called Robert Emmet's in Glendale. Had pretty good reviews, didn't get the sketchy vibes from it. Not yet at least haha
    Gotta spread the reps around, but thanks for the info! I've got a late reservation for dinner, so I may hit up both spots before I hit Durant's. Looking forward to NYE!
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