Chicago White Sox... The thread.


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Depending on the verbiage in this contract, they (CWS) may also be able to get out of it if the need arises.
More than likely.

It appears MLB was conducting an investigation since summer but wasn't making any of it public. It all got past the White Sox either way.

Sounds like a scumbag.

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Yeah I'm waiting to make judgement once the investigation happens. I've talked to a local detective years ago about this subject and he told me you wouldn't believe the crap some woman make up months or years after they claimed it happened. Long story short he said the ex kids made because he wouldn't do something then makes up lies to make him look bad. It happens all the time. Anyone can scratch themselves or put bruises on themselves and take a picture and claim so and so did it. Unless you have physical evidence of him hitting her video ect it's all hearsay.
I was literally involved in a domestic situation a month ago (not me, but my housemates).

It really puts in perspective how crazy things can get and how wild these supposed accusations can get.

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I saw a camp video yesterday, and completely forgot we have Crochet coming back as well in May.. huge addition back to the club.