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    There were multiple comments about him being light in the film room, late to meetings leading up to him not starting Miami. Then all of a sudden, he was doing much better. Some of the ND students that have posted here have noted that they were aware of some other classroom issue, without going into detail. I clearly heard that it wasn't his first issue in the classroom. I also was told if it was a major issue he would have been gone permanently, so a semester suspension that isn't for GPA is for multiple infractions.
    My man. Unfortunately, I have to pay for stuff to graduate, so I can't afford the turkey tag or license. You get after it for me. Get those long beards.
    The short answer to all these questions is we are talking intangible, and unexpected in the case I brought up. I don't expect me, you, or anybody to have "it." It is not like the tangeble trait of having hands. Or even being physically tough. Yes, most of toughness is tangable. This is what goes beyond that.
    There is a huge difference between a critique and a criticism. Until we get that clear, and to the point that there is difference between identifying distinctions and being critical, there is nothing that can be discussed. So it doesn't matter who you were when you were 18, or 36 or anything. It isn't about right and wrong. It is about what may make a championship difference for Notre Dame, and about what has gone before.
    Thanks. Great pictures from a great day. Couldn't believe how lucky I got getting her picture with those two, not to mention their autographs.
    Change your avatar to something else and I will rep you. PS, thanks for the reps!
    Thank you for your support! I'd known a St. Mary's student with the last name Knecht. She was from MN and her last name was pronounced "Ka-nect," not "Necht." Amazing what one can learn at ND. Good friends here named their first born son Knute ... pronounced "Ka-nute" not "newt."
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