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  • Everything is good over here just trying to keep the vBook up over the holidays and bowl season. Trying to get some peoples minds off the off season with some random music voting polls and other topics!
    Confused. What exactly about my post in the MSU thread did you neg rep me for when all I said was Jimmy Clausen was pretty awesome when he was at ND and I hope Kiser kills it this weekend?
    Thanks for the reps! go Irish!!!
    Greg Bryant was not a member of the Notre Dame team. I don't think that really matters, but let's at least operate off of facts, not fallacies. I was not pondering the why, and I never said I was. I was merely trying to get people to quit speculating about the why, and jumping to conclusions. I NEVER insinuated that Greg Bryant was into ANYTHING shady or illicit. That was OTHER people doing that, and I was pointing out to them that it wasn't exactly a good idea.
    I like our chances with the teams that appear to be making the push for the playoffs. None of them are physical teams at all - Oregon, TCU, Baylor. Heck... even FSU is not physical this year. I think we can control the ball on all them if we can make it there. 7/2 is pretty good odds but will go lower if we beat Miss State.
    I think the 8 point spread will come down to 6 or 6.5. They gotta even the betting out so they get the juice money. I like our chances at home and would take the 6.5. Giving up more than a td is a little much right now.

    Yeah.. Big Al is the name.
    Too true. Too true. Imagine if he played that way all season.
    Appreciate the gift! Very excited about this class with Wimbush on board and hoping for something special this weekend.
    It's still coming! Sorry, things got busy yesterday and I had to leave the house after work. I didn't want to post the contest and not be able to answer any questions afterwards.
    If you get a serious answer, let me know because I haven't the foggiest. Good luck to you too. We studied hard so hopefully things will turn out well.
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