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  • Hey, thanks for the reps. A lot of the media are just waitin for something like this to happen to ND. They get 10x the mileage out of a BAD ND story than just about any other school. F 'em, lets play some football.
    It's been pretty painful. The last few days I haven't pushed myself to the extreme like I was earlier. I'm afraid of burning out right before the exam. Just trying to review the material and stay fresh.
    Thanks for the reps. I didn't think anyone was going to see that post because of all the twitter updates.
    "You?" You said that right! I have been busier than a one armed-paper hanger! Kids are out of school, etc. Hope to see more of your posts, you leprechaun chaser!
    Uugghh dude we got to Three Floyds brewpub and there was like a 2 hour wait! Sadly, I couldn't get the rest of the party to wait. At least we picked up some good to-go beer. That black IPA (In the Name of Suffering, it's called) is pretty awesome.
    I must admit, I have had some things happen this fall, mostly to family, that I wouldn't wish on anyone. But I am good, and in a great space. I hope you are well also. I have missed your insight and humor!
    I had to re-read when I saw 4 - 0 to start the match. Thought for sure it was a misprint. I'm with you on Walcott, if he can stay healthy he causes problems. Such inconsistency is exactly why they haven't won the league in almost 10 years and a trophy in 7 years (I think). Let's hope the exciting Arsenal come out against United this weekend!
    No problem big guy! I'm a 2L at Loyola Chicago. It's a big deal to pass that. I'm sure it's a relief.
    Absolutely. I've gone round and round with one of my professors from ND and some of the other 2011 grads who don't like them. It's a stupid debate.
    It really is. It really doesn't look that bad. I like it. People don't get that ND has to keep up with the times a la Oregon. Look at how many recruits love the 'swag' of Oregon's unis. They love the locker room. Some kids are that impressionable. If they have the grades for ND, despite being that impressionable, sign me up.
    thanks for the reps - that thread got way out of control, I always tell myself to stay out of it and then can't help but wade in...
    Thanks, make sure you wish Jaylon Smith one, too!
    No doubt, like the Podolski signing too...hope they do more though (may in turn help keep RVP too). Some fullback cover may be needed too.
    No problem man, the Tommy stuff definitely got out of control, glad to see a fellow irish fan looking out for the well being of a member of the ND family and not just worried about him as a QB.
    It's logical posters such as yourself that **** me off (italics)
    Great posting bro, keep up the great work!
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