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  • I have had my share of trials with Mechanicals...and have been fixed for the last decade. But after alot of research, I landed on the two blade rage...this is my first season with them...I'm in play for deer and elk through December, so I hope to get some real world confirmation...sorry about the delay in your hunt... all signs point to an early winter...try and squeeze a day in while its nice...good luck and post pics in the hunting thread if ya keel sumthin consistency with my final tip hunters, two blade rage. I hit the same hole in my target for the cycle (20,30,40) numerous times...

    if you put a helical on your fletch, and you peel one, its hard to duplicate... if I screw one of these fobs up...I pop another worries about twist and placement...

    Cons.. fobs manufacturer says they can stabilize big fixed blades, I didn't have the I went to two blade rage can get multiple practice heads at cabelas...anyway, WAY better

    make sure you pay attention to instructions regarding setting up your make take re-tying in your cord or using a different fork.

    You can't shoot "groups" because you'll start banging your arrows together, and the fobs break.

    Quiver OEM hoyt quiver was pretty tight...fletching allows for tight fit...fobs kinda not so much...

    hope that thought is way worth it, but something you do in june...:)
    The hog I'm cooking is different one I shot two weeks ago. Arrowed a nice 193lbs boar. Wild pig tends to get dry but mojo cures all...

    On a side note it was 91 degrees in the stand the night I shot the pig..... Fack that, I will be waiting till fall to head back out!

    Happy Memorial Day bro!
    I bet man. Never killed with a bow, but it's definitely a cult I'll be joining over the next few years. Can't be much better than that. Was that your first? Nothing for me, haven't been settled and working long enough to put in back home in NM as an out-of-stater. My youngest brother bagged a cow elk though, so I still got my jerky. Muzzleloader hunt.
    Thanks for your reps and congrats! See what all you two have to look forward?
    Haha, thanks for the reps, glad I wasn't the only one saying Prosise's name wrong.
    Hey buddy. Got a 4 pointer today. I'd put him at about 2-3 years, because he was big. Probably bad genetics explain his small rack, but the freezer is full, and I'm pumped! Complete pass through broadside, found him about 50 yards from stand. Hope your day went well!
    if we beat SC I will freakin' make a statue of Brian Kelly myself to be put outside the stadium... you can't picture how ready I am for this season! 9am on Sept 1st can't come soon enough haha
    Hey peoria, grab it from me, upload it to something like photobucket, and save the img in your sig space. We are doing it to show everett support. Get it. And for the Great American Breastests!
    Haha yeah. Me and TP were talking the other day about what we would do if we go into USC with 11-0 for both teams... and win. I am going to be at that game. I will for sure be arrested for trying to put BK on my shoulders and proposing to Golson (you know the assumption). The big man upstairs must have something planned.
    If we get 10 wins... I don't know what I'll do. But it'll be crazy. Shumate is definitely a baller. Gonna be a great year to watch thats for sure
    Haha. The Lo injury seriously sucks though. 1) For him 2) For CB depth 3) I think now the front 7 will have to be less aggressive and will drop into coverage more than being aggressive and blitzing. Sucks
    Haha most definitely. It seems only appropriate that it was the Tebowner wearing them.
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