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  • I guess the Buckeye hatred of the Irish stems from common recruiting grounds as you said. Maybe the Irish and the Bucks will get a chance to meet up this year in a BCS matchup. I will don the Irish colors and cheer my as* off for you guys. Good luck and thanks for being a very respectful poster to me. You rep the Irish nation well.
    Thanks for the reps. Yeah rammer got too personal. I had PM'ed him right before the ban and gave him the advice to state your case then let it go. Shortly after I had seen where he was banned. When I first came on here I got baited by 3-4 guys but I didn't bite. It had helped that I had read the board for a few months before actually signing up. There are posts here and there that I disagree with, especially when it comes to Bama, but I usually maintain self control and try to proof what I type before I post. I have had several quick comments that never seen the light of day due to my self control because they really wasn't adding anything to the conversation other than the usual disagreements. Just deleted them without ever hitting the reply button. I hope for rammer it was only a timeout. He seemed like a decent guy who got a little carried away.
    Thanks. But they are ripping my RTR buddy rammerjammer a new one. He needs to learn when to just lie down. LOL
    Thanks for the feedback. As long as you can keep Kelly I think he will build that depth and you guys will be in the mix each year. Congrats again.
    "Was this message yesterday from the February conversation? I'm confused lol" From "Is maith liom nuair freagra tú ag baint úsáide as an teanga Ghaelach" on your rep. Thanks for the rep by the way!
    I am glad! It really pisses some people off though! LOL!
    Dude, fucking cry about it elsewhere. Are you that upset over this game that a post about the Irish being upset, IN AN UPSET ALERT THREAD, has got you all bent out of shape? Maybe you're just that big of a stickler when it comes to posting ND stuff in non-ND forums. Idk.
    That's kind of how I felt today...South Alabama of all teams was playing like Alabama, despite being pretty evenly matched with me. Couldn't run for crap, and the corners were on me like white on rice. Just an awful game, horrible start to the weekend!
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