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  • Hello. Are you originally from North Dakota? Just inquiring as I am from SD. Have a great day!
    Yup, but Legacy and others set themselves up for the counter lol. It's like shooting fish in a barrel most times. In some areas, he's very factual, but in a lot of the politics, he's all emotion and TDS. Blinds him to silliness.
    It's a big Indiana dick that resides in ATL lol.... And I'm only on my first glass of wine. Legacy is a smart dude, but he's lazy as hell with his "link arguments". Low energy compared to guys like Buster.
    Thanks for the reps. What surprises is that it came from Andy in Sactown. I don't know if he was just irritated he had to move that thread from the main page, or if he's a quiet Buster fan. It should have been moved during the original migration. He is from Cali I guess. Either way, LOL.
    That was supposed to be a neg rep btw.
    I get up to Fargo on a pretty regular basis. Some time when I'm up that way, if you'll pick me up at my hotel, I'll buy you dinner and we can talk football & politics.
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