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    No problem, man. Have a good week. Great things on the horizon for ND!
    That's awesome. For me ...... I will hold the candle till it burns up my arm
    Oh I'll keep takin' punches ha-ha until their will grows tired
    Oh I will stare the sun down until my eyes go blind
    Hey I won't change direction and I won't change my mind
    How much difference does it make

    The above according to my parents. Apparently I always have and it seems I always will. For my son, I hope he will have at least one "Breath"
    You and me both Bud. I don't get what the big deal is about tempering one's language so as not to offend. Why anyone be against that is a puzzle to me.
    word brother! may the peace go before you.
    "95 percent of the people on this board are rock solid, good as gold. Isn't it a shame that a visitor from another school will not take that experience from here?" EXACTLY! That is one reason we buds!
    My bad slipped my mind been really busy. Really like GSP, Sonnen, RoryMac, Cowboy, Condit and Maynard. What are ur feelings about Silva vs. Bonner? I think its a joke!
    Jones in the third. Length will be the key(as always with Jones). Wish they would make a heavy weight and a super heavy. Jones is clearly head and shoulders above anybody that is in the light heavyweight division. I think bisbing wins a decision. Stann has a punchers chance. Give me Johnson in a decision. Hamill in the fist on pure will power. Oliveira walks threw cub? Ur thoughts?
    Dude go to vbuck plaza, buy unlimited reps. You can afford it. You don't know how much fun it is repping somebody on a hot thread, about four times in a row!
    Please don't thank me, I should thank you, you earned them in my opinion by consistently bringing intellectual arguments and sound reason to the board. We are all better off because of your input. So...thank you.
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