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  • Thanks buddy. Thought you guys had pulled it off. Tough way to lose but gotta get it behind them and win the next one.
    It sounds like it might be something on your end. Have you tried clearing your cache, cookies, and history? Might help reset things. Let me know how things work out.
    I just checked your profile and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. What's happening when you attempt to post one?
    Hey Georgia just saw your predictions, you are a very astute fan. I made a couple of stupid choices, as hot as Swanson has been I should not have bet against him and while I love Mighty Mouse, I just thought Benivedes would wear him down, but Mighty Mouse is even better than I thought he was. Who are your favorite fighters?
    Well, I hope everybody knows I was just joking around when I found that goofy feature that allows you to do that. If you need vBucks to change it back the way it was, just let me know. Maybe you didn't know, but somebody changed my title, probably in retaliation, to "This Tougue Tosses Salad," which I, being naive I guess, took as a compliment until I found out what that was slang for. So, I now just admit that I am stupid. Cheers!
    peach co. was up 30- 0 in 3rd quarter so we left. really don't know what final score was but it looked worse than the score. pc kept making mistakes in the first half but the d stood tall and kept them off board.
    peach looks really good this year again.defense looks real good and fast.
    went good had all the kids and it was hot lowndes is not going to be the team they have been the past 5-6 years got plenty of speed but they look small. they were up 28-0 when i left then got outscored 26-6 in the 4th everything i read the just got tired. the beat pebblebrook 47-7 this past fri. the only score coming on the jv team in the 4th qrt.
    sounds good on the info about football. hey man don't worry about the gift. they are going to sell the hawks. talking about it on radio on 680.
    yea i know where that is. pretty good football teams down there. i'm from peach county.
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