[NFL] Super Bowl LVI

Cincinnati Bengals vs Los Angeles Rams


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There was no way the Bengals could allow that many sacks again and manage to win. You can beat Ryan Tannehill but few other teams living in that kind of situation.
I tried telling other Cincinnati fans this over the past two weeks lol.

"How you feeling about the big game?!?"
"Well, the Rams defensive line is as good or better than Tennessee's, but Stafford is a much better QB than Tannehill, so the Rams will make the Bengals pay if they don't figure something out."

To my surprise, the Bengals did well against Donald in the first half. The second half was a different story, once LA figured out how to free up other rushers with stunts. Idk if the OL got run down, LA found some things that worked, Donald charged up and saved some gas for the fourth quarter, or some combination of all three.

I feel really good about the Bengals' future in the AFC North for the next 10 years... if they give Burrow an OL. It was amazing to see him operate out of empty and break defensive coverages down repeatedly, even with no time to throw. If they can get him four other quality guys to go with Jonah Williams, I'll feel great. But that means spending on a free agent interior OL, and hitting on an OT at pick 31 in the upcoming draft. Missing on Jackson Carman in the last draft huuuuuurt.


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The hit on Kupp wasn't a dead ball foul. It was unnecessary roughness. If it had been a dead ball foul it would have been enforced after the penalty against LA was marked off.
The referee stated, “Dead ball” on his call though.