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  • I am keeping your family in my prayers. I can’t imagine how hard this is for you all especially his parents. So sorry man.
    Been a tough year for everyone. I will be glad to see it go. Hope you are doing well. Your Irish have had a solid year and have an opportunity to do something special. I do think my Tide wins but the game will be closer than the talking heads are predicting.
    Just realized you sent a message several months I didn't see until now. Welcome back, and version 2.0 nonetheless!
    I'm thinking I am going to owe you half my vbux. I'm sure you want those in small unmarked bills.
    I am taking this all in. I am personally more excited for the gymnastics that will come when Mitch stonewalls everything and we hear "he's just doing his job as Senate leader!". However, Nancy and Chuck were obstructionists LOL so rich. Glad it's turning out like this though, will help a lot of anxiety across the world.
    Nah, you weren't a dick! You got caught up in the politics stuff is all. It's all good.
    How you been podna!?!? I knew (hoped) you’d be back! I am good man, just got back home from work and bracing for this second storm. Looks like we’ll avoid a direct hit here in New Orleans but still need to be on the ready here and ready for what may be a miserable time for west Louisiana east Texas. Going to send you a private message tonight. You have no idea how noice it is to see you back!
    It's all good. Hope you and yours are staying safe. Glad you came back around. Hoping we get a season out of all of this.
    Hell yeah Im still here. Not posting as much as the Mrs and I have separated but it was mutual and is amicable. Finding more time to be on here but still find other things to do. LOL.
    The band needs to be put back together! Get back to the old days when there was law and order around here and people knew their place. We are the Regulators

    Hope all is well with you and the fam. Absolutely missed ya brother. Definitely was not the same without!
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