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    LOL. Appreciate it. I wasn't directing that at anyone in particular. It just looked like I was saying all the stuff others were.
    Belated thanks for the reps...I'm seeing nothing but a Bad moon a'risin' in the economy...sadly, the trends for margins and risk are headed in the wrong direction for small businesses. I've already mothballed two. But hey those folks who already had a job don't matter...
    I see you handle success really well. Electoral college shows a landslide. Popular vote does not. And these states that mattered most were close as hell (Ohio, PA, VA, FL, NC). Let me remind you I wasn't the one predicting a Romney win. I just said it would be close.

    I wonder if dems will still be happy in 2016 if unemployment is still at 8% and our debt is around $20 trillion. As long as an evil republican isn't in the white house, right?
    See any good maps lately? Florida still not called, but when it is Obama will have 332 electoral votes and Romney will have 206. That's getting pretty close to landslide territory. But, don't take my word for it. I'm just some idiot talking out of emotion and not being rational. Now, remind me again, who made an *** of himself?
    I'm not going anywhere either. I predicted it and I'm sticking to it. Obama by a landslide. If you think I'm angry or getting flustered, you are saddly mistaken. I have a completely different world view than you do and there is nothing you can say that can get me to believe in the things you believe. That's just the reality of the situation. I have been watching political elections my entire liife -- I've voted for Dems, Republicans and Independents. I have never been more sure that someone was going to win an election as I am this year. I'm not anti-Republican (I know you don't believe this) I'm anti-tea party and I'm anti-Romney. He is a danerous person for this country, and even you would regret him getting elected in short order. Cheers. Go Obama!!!
    Hey Polish...I see you're a Philly guy...I assume you are a teacher cause you mentioned a 1 hour delay..where at?

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